Jacking Rails

Jacking Rails For Your Mustang

Jacking rails are essential in keeping your vehicle secure and stable while being lifted for servicing, repairs or modifications – especially useful on vehicles with long side frames.

Pinch welds manufactured to stock standards are only designed to jack in two places; one at the front and one at the rear. Relying too heavily on these spots for jacking could damage both weld and side skirt.

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Professional Career

Jacking your Mustang up or placing jack stands is an essential skill for any Mustang owner, whether changing tires, going to the track, or installing large performance upgrades. Steeda jacking rails make this task faster and safer by providing one spot from which to jack it up – protecting factory pinch welds and rocker panels, without protruding bolts from underside of car like other options do – plus they come powder coated wrinkle black for a lasting finish!

There are three different kinds of jacking rails: fixed, mobile and adjustable – to meet any individual need or application. They’re ideal for garages, driveways and racing teams looking to reduce time spent jacking and racking vehicles.

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Personal Life

Jacking rails are often underappreciated automotive accessories that can save both time and effort when it comes to servicing or changing wheels, without risking pinch weld damage or rocker panels. They make lifting up your Mustang for service or repairs safe and simple without risking pinch weld damage or rocker panels being compromised in any way.

These bolt-on solutions feature factory mounting holes and are constructed of tough laser cut 1 by 2 box steel tubing for ease of installation. Essentially they turn factory pinch welds into enormous jack points to avoid damaging them and enable use of jack stands or 2-post lifts without constantly having to move your jack around.

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