Jacko Padilla

Jacko Padilla, D-California, Was Accused of Passing a Mafia Secret to a Woman

Passing mafia secrets on to women was once punishable with death in all-male gangster cultures, as such communication can compromise security.

Police assert that Rocha and Gonzalez-Munoz violated gang code by operating their drug taxation and extortion operation without permission from their incarcerated husbands, leading to them receiving an “Emero greenlight”, commonly referred to as an execution order from them.

Early Life and Education

The District Attorney’s office described her actions as both embarrassing and disturbing.

She operated what’s known as a “greenlight” from her home in La Puente to collect drug tax funds from rival gang members in Azusa who competed with her husband’s gang for control of drug tax funds, according to sheriff’s detectives.

She sent out minions of her husband, Jacques “Jocko” Padilla, an Eme prison boss at Corcoran State Prison who controlled this area of San Gabriel Valley from his maximum-security cell at Corcoran. Jocko Padilla ordered his wife to kill Rocha and Gonzalez-Munoz according to prosecutors, though this plot was foiled when sheriff’s investigators arrested family members involved.

Professional Career

Engineer by trade, Padilla holds an interest in infrastructure issues; as evidenced by his appointment to chairing a Senate committee on immigration. But his prison experience also plays a vital role in his desire to see voting rights protected, in addition to other topics brought before the Democratic Caucus like power grid reliability.

Rocha and Gonzalez-Munoz had two associates who recently got out of prison together allege they carried out directives from Padilla from their shared maximum-security cell at Pelican Bay to steal drug tax money from local dealers, among other orders from Padilla.

Friday at 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia will feature Victor Padilla from Peltz Boxing Promotions taking on Romain Tomas as the main event on an eight-bout card with six rounds each bout in a nod to old Philadelphia boxing days.

Personal Life

Members of the Mexican Mafia prison gang “get out on the street” following federal racketeering convictions with an expectation to control drug territory, but two men, Ralph Rocha and Rafael Gonzalez-Munoz encroached on senior member’s territory and Los Angeles County prosecutors designated these actions as potentially fatal for these two.

Their offense was conducting business with an alleged rival of Jacques “Jocko” Padilla, an Azusa gang leader currently serving time at Corcoran State Prison for murder. Jocko’s wife Maria Llantada in La Puente solicited members to kill them and then issued an assassination order from jail; but the New York court held that Maria Llantada could sign the habeas corpus petition since she had an established attorney-client relationship with Padilla; further ruling that as she had strong attorney-client relations with Padilla she should sign the habeas corpus petition in her role as well as physical custody of Padilla she should respondent to it all.

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