Jacks Clipart

Jacks Clipart

Clip art is a collection of bit-mapped images available for personal and professional use, typically digital illustrations that can be combined with text or other images to form graphic design work.

Jack has taken an interesting path with his work recently; his poster series Laying In The Long Grass combined poetry and rough sketches, and Cartoon Explanation Vol 1 offers another reflective piece.

Early Life and Education

Bring Jack and the Beanstalk’s tale alive in your classroom with this stunning clip art display! Packed with twenty charming cut-outs of Jack, his mother, cow and beanstalk, it will help students engage with this classic tale or spark creative writing ideas! Perfect for role play and story time to help children explore characters while developing role playing skills or inspiring personal creative writing projects!

This collection of Jacks Clip Art includes black-and-white versions for each image, making it part of our larger Fairy Tale Clip Art BUNDLE of 12 (click HERE to view) as well as being available individually for purchase.

Personal Life

Clipart illustration of a children’s toy called the Jack-in-the-Box. Vector art depicted with yellow surprise packages tied by string. Downloadable clip art pack featuring 300dpi PNG files saved at 300 dpi resolution for transparency.

These clipart images may be used for both personal and commercial projects, presentations and slideshows, blogs and websites, cards and invitations, scrapbooking, bulletin boards journals decals stickers heat transfer projects such as T-shirts mugs party supplies and so much more! Commercial use requires one single license.

These 38 images (21 in color and 19 black-and-white) from Jack and the Beanstalk depict various moments from its tale, from Jack climbing the beanstalk, his mother throwing away magic beans, cutting down the beanstalk by Jack himself, cutting it down himself as well as scenes such as: castle in clouds, cottage, cow, giant, golden harp, golden egg, word art sign etc.

Net Worth

TikTok star Jacks clipart has amassed an extensive following and endorsements for his content, earning a place within the Hype House collective alongside several other TikTok celebrities.

Jack has not only become successful on TikTok but has also started up his own businesses ventures. As founder of Jack’s Stands and Marketplaces he offers young children an opportunity to embark on entrepreneurial journey by operating lemonade stands themselves.

Jack and his father sought investment of $50,000 for 10% stake of the business valued at $500,000. Additionally, Chris Sacca loaned them $50,000 at 2% interest. Both businesses continue to operate and expand successfully as of November 2021.

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