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Who is a Body Jack and Who is Cactus Jack Barringer?

Body jacks are used for lifting loads. They tend to be less costly and easier to operate than floor jacks, making them ideal for anyone.

Cactus Jack appeared on Shark Tank to present his invention, the Body Jac. Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran offered Cactus Jack $180,000 for 20% ownership stake.

Early Life and Education

Jack Barringer is an experienced entrepreneur and inventor with multiple patents on his products. He has found success across various businesses and developed products such as arm wrestling machines and cleaning supplies; additionally he devised an aid that assists people performing push-ups.

He ventured onto Shark Tank seeking an investment for his Body Jac device that helps people perform pushups. He asked for $180,000 in exchange for 20% ownership.

Barringer demonstrated the product by having his daughter use it before Barbara Corcoran; Barbara noted that his daughter didn’t appear like someone who needed exercise, prompting her to ask whether he himself has been using the Body Jac.

Professional Career

Cactus Jack Barringer is a patented inventor who has created products ranging from cleaning solutions to fishing lures. Invention of the Body Jac helps people do pushups more easily by using weighted bands attached to equipment; according to Barringer using it three times weekly can help achieve a better physique.

Kevin Harrington used Shark Tank’s exposure to take their product to an infomercial trade show and create infomercials that catapulted them towards success.

Body Jac unfortunately failed, with Barbara Corcoran publicly calling the investment one of her worst ever deals.

Personal Life

Body Jac is a product designed to assist users in doing push-ups. Cactus Jack Barringer came to Shark Tank seeking $180,000 for 50% of his company.

Barringer demonstrated his invention by having his daughter hop onto his equipment and begin doing pushups, then discussed how weighted bands can be attached to adjust the strength of your workout session.

Barbara Corcoran pushed Jack for a decision, and after some initial hesitation he eventually agreed. At the end of this episode he high-fived Barbara Corcoran; unfortunately the product itself proved unsuccessful and is no longer in business; its domain was put up for sale in August 2020.

Net Worth

Cactus Jack has long been an entrepreneur, creating numerous successful products on the market. One such product is his Body Jac fitness gadget which utilizes elastic bands to make pushups easier while targeting specific muscle groups.

Cactus Jack revealed in his Shark Tank pitch that his product can assist anyone in attaining various goals, as well as being an accomplished inventor – having obtained patents for several of his inventions.

The Sharks were impressed with this product, so they offered to invest $180,000 for 20% ownership in exchange for 20% equity stake. Unfortunately, however, this investment wasn’t successful and Barbara Corcoran publicly declared it one of her worst deals; there was a technical glitch on their website, while it itself wasn’t very effective.

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