Jacob Adamo

Jacob Adamo – Husband, Father, Network Marketing Team Leader and Personal Development Coach

Jacob Adamo was an outstanding husband, father, Network Marketing Team Leader and Personal Development Coach who loved making an impactful difference in people’s lives. His passion lay in communication and understanding people’s personalities – something he learned well as well as leadership and business knowledge. Unfortunately he passed away unexpectedly in April 2018. Luckily his wife continues his mission by aiding others through better communication.

Early Life and Education

Adamo was born in Montreal, Canada and quickly began singing and composing songs at an early age. His musical influences included Victor Hugo’s poetry as well as French crooners like Jacques Prevert and Georges Brassens; he even participated in a radio competition and won it with his song, “Si j’osais”, which later became a radio hit. Additionally, Adamo enjoyed teaching and worked to help people better understand personality characteristics so that better communication could occur both professionally and at home; after his passing his wife Sarah Adamo picked up this message of better communication through personality understanding.

Professional Career

Jacob Adamo was an outstanding Husband, Father, Network Marketing Team Leader and Personal Development Coach who was dedicated to improving lives and relationships through communication. He worked from home alongside Sarah while raising their seven beautiful children and after Jacob passed in April 2018, Sarah has taken up his mantle of spreading improved communication by understanding personality characteristics of those around them – she even wrote her first book on this topic! Currently living in Arizona

Achievement and Honors

GRADE 12 — Highest Honor Principal Award Recipients are Kayleigh Adamo, Lacy Antwortth, Owen Beaulieu, Carter Barton, Joshua Connors, Ethan Dame, Lily Bergeron, Noah Blevins and Brooklyn Brewer who achieved Gabriella Brown, Riley Clark Mackenzie Cole Michael Collins Alexander Dame Emma Daggett Olivia Drake Cullen Keira DiGiovanni Madison Grant Keegan Gent Sierra Hoops Elizabeth Johnson Matthew Jimenez Jade Janitola.

Grade 11 — High Honor Principal Award recipients were Morgan Barrows, Ean Bolstridge, Samantha Condon, Lexi Crouse, Nathaniel DeLucca, Jessica Foster Rachel Hultzman Caitlyn Levesque Abigail Joslyn Sierra Savoy (High Honor Principal Award). Grade 10 Honorees included Emma Ardell Isabel Cyr Olivia Drake Gabriel Fitzpatrick as well as Jeremy Anderson Asher Calaman Jadah Campbell Makayla Connor Brooke Chase Danielle Collett; grade 9 Honoreees included Michael Capuano Jacob Cox Ashley Deli Maddox DiLucca Maddox DiLucca Madison Faggiole Xander Heaberlin Zander Matthews

Personal Life

Jacob Adamo was a husband, father, Network Marketing Team Leader and Personal Development Coach who was passionate about communication and improving lives of those he came in contact with. His ability to read people’s personalities proved invaluable both professionally and at home with his seven children. Since his passing away in April 2018 Sarah Steele has taken on his message of better communication by understanding each unique personality’s quirks.

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