Jacquelyn Adams

Jacquelyn Adams

Jacquelyn Adams is an esteemed communications strategist and philanthropist who specializes in helping her clients overcome strategic hurdles.

She graduated from Harvard Business School and currently sits on the Board of Harvard Business School Club of New York, in addition to being a member of Council on Foreign Relations.

Early Life and Education

Adams excelled in track and field competition from an early age, winning four-year varsity league titles at both Orange Lutheran High School and Foothill College. She set a 17:36 time on Mt Sac course while competing at Orange Lutheran; at Foothill College she recorded a 2:15 PR time in 800m event.

Adams carefully allocates time for nonprofit activities. She currently sits on both the Harvard Business School Club of New York City Board of Directors and World Affairs Councils of America Advisory Councils.

She serves on both the Off-the-Record Lecture Series Governing Board and Harvard Business School African American Alumni Association Boards of Directors.

Professional Career

Jacquelyn Adams boasts an extraordinary professional history as a Peace Corps volunteer, corporate engineering trainer, entrepreneur, CEO/founder of Ristole LLC (revitalizing workforces with innovative employee learning & development programs) as well as author of a weekly leadership column.

Her columns range from online networking tips and leadership training techniques, to providing readers with her unique perspective.

She has covered pioneering campaigns of Jesse Jackson and Geraldine Ferraro and served as a contributor for CBS Evening News and Sunday Morning in the 1990s. Additionally, she was a guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities; additionally, she belongs to Harvard Business School Club of New York.

Achievement and Honors

Jacquelyn is well-versed in various areas of legal expertise, possessing extensive experience as both a paralegal and judicial intern. Additionally, she has participated in two national moot court competitions.

As director of Columbia College’s Goodall Gallery program, she has created fruitful partnerships between students and artists. Furthermore, she founded and served as president of an NGO dedicated to raising awareness about female genital mutilation in Kenya.

She has earned numerous awards and distinctions, such as Michigan State University’s Inspiration Award recognizing women faculty and staff. Additionally, she has conducted extensive research in multiple areas including gender and the law, medical anthropology, neoliberalism healthcare systems policy discourse analysis NGO studies with many journals publishing her works including policies discourse analyses. Her works can also be found published texts.

Personal Life

Jacquelyn Adams is an Emmy award-winning CBS news correspondent and was the first African American White House correspondent for her network. Additionally, she owns and runs her own communications strategy consulting firm and counsels various corporate and nonprofit clients on communications strategy matters.

As part of her hobby, she hikes through as many national parks as she can while sitting on the board of a gerontological nursing nonprofit organization. Furthermore, she keeps an active blog about her travels and is writing a book on girl empowerment.

Adams writes a weekly column on leadership lessons she’s gathered through her experience as a Peace Corps volunteer, corporate engineering trainer, and serial entrepreneur. Her top tips range from online networking advice to creating an enjoyable work environment; guest bloggers often contribute as guest bloggers as well!

Net Worth

Jacquelyn Adams is an esteemed personality who has amassed a net worth of $9 Million. As founder and CEO of Ristole, which provides services to corporate engineering departments, Jacquelyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University as well as IEEE membership. Jacquelyn currently lives in Medina Ohio at 5500 Carriage Ln; with three children as well as being active politically. Her hobbies include travel and sports.

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