Jan Broberg Net Worth

Jan Broberg Net Worth – How Much Is Jan Broberg Worth?

Jan Broberg is an actress known for appearing in short videos and movies. Below are details regarding her net worth, monthly and yearly salaries, primary source of income, cars she drives and lifestyle habits – these have all been updated below.

Jan Broberg was 12 when she was taken captive and sexually abused by Robert Berchtold – her story featured in Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight.

Early Life and Education

Jan Broberg lived in Pocatello, Idaho with her parents and younger brother. As they socialized together regularly at church parties, family dinners, barbeques and game nights hosted by furniture dealer Robert Berchtold and Gail, they became close with them and considered Robert almost like another father figure; when in 1974 he drove Jan off for her horseback riding lesson without returning then disappeared he didn’t cause too much concern in the family.

Berchtold had his share of shortcomings. In October 1974 and 1976 he kidnapped Jan, prompting her story to be told in Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix. Additionally she has made appearances in films like Slaughter of the Innocents on HBO; Proof Point; Message in a Cell Phone; The Secret Keeper as well as Bug Off; Hope for Troubled Teens; Nadir; Family First; Little Secrets; Mobsters and Mormons and The Taking of Alta View among many more.

Professional Career

Jan Broberg is one of the United States’s best-known actresses, best-known for her roles in HBO’s Slaughter of the Innocents, Disney’s Proof Point, Message in a Cell Phone and Family First films.

She was featured in movies and television shows like Bug Off, Hope for Troubled Teens, Nadir and Little Secrets as a major cast member. Additionally, she is well known for her stage performance work.

Jake Lacy stars as Robert Berchtold in her limited series Abducted in Plain Sight, co-written with Mary Ann to demonstrate grooming within families as well as friends and neighbours, while raising awareness on how victims can better identify molesters.

Achievement and Honors

Jan Broberg is an award-winning actress and writer. Her acting credits include HBO’s Slaughter of the Innocents, Disney’s Proof Point, Message in a Cell Phone, The Secret Keeper and many others.

She and her mother wrote the book Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Story to document their ordeal with Berchtold, who abducted Jan when she was 12-14 and convinced her he was her biological father. Additionally, they co-produced the 2019 Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight about this experience.

Jan has appeared in many television shows and series such as Touched by an Angel, Promise Land, Remember Me, Death Row, Harmful Intent Siege at Marion Little Secrets Ancient Secrets of the Bible. Jan is a passionate advocate for victims of abuse as she works to educate others on grooming methods used by predators.

Personal Life

Jan Broberg is an American actress best known for her role as Nurse Louise on WB series Everwood, but also appears in films such as HBO’s Slaughter of the Innocents, Disney’s Proof Point and more.

She is married to Larry Felt and they share one son named Austen. She has spoken openly about her traumatic childhood experience as well as being a strong advocate for victims of child abuse.

As part of her advocacy work, she serves as an executive producer on a new Peacock series entitled A Friend of the Family which dramatizes her family’s horrific story of grooming and abuse at the hands of someone trusted within their circle.

Net Worth

Jan Broberg is an esteemed actress who makes a solid living from acting. She has appeared in multiple movies and TV series as well as written scripts; according to ZipRecruiter she earns an estimated annual salary of $380,500.

Famed for her role as Nurse Louise on WB show Everwood, she has also appeared in movies like Slaughter of the Innocents, Proof Point, Message in a Cell Phone and The Secret Keeper.

She has appeared in various television series and shows such as Touched by an Angel, Promise Land, Remember Me, Death Row, Harmful Intent Siege at Marion Deliver Them from Evil The Taking of Alta View Ancient Secrets of the Bible as well as being an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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