Jane Daniels

Jane Daniels, 77, of Lebanon, died Tuesday afternoon at Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital

Jane Daniels, born in Burlington Vermont on March 4, passed away Tuesday at Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital in Hanover.

Preparing preservation project proposals requires taking an in-depth view of a site’s historical, cultural, and economic characteristics as well as local and state regulations and restrictions.

Early Life and Education

Jane Daniels was born and educated in Garden City, Kansas before attending Fort Hays State University where she majored in history and minored in political science.

She worked as the Research Program Coordinator at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for seven years as part of home visiting research studies such as Baltimore Success by 6 and New Jersey Project LAUNCH.

She was an avid traveler to Japan, often staying at Ryokan Echigoya in Narai-juku on the old Nakasendo road between Kyoto and Edo (now Tokyo). Additionally, she wrote extensively for Gourmet magazine about culinary techniques and food as well as contributing to The Gourmet Cookbook.

Professional Career

Jane was well equipped by both education and experience to perform her work for Colorado Preservation. Crafting proposals for preservation projects requires an array of knowledge and abilities, such as researching local geography and architecture; working with various stakeholders; fundraising; project management. Through volunteering she gained on-the-job training that wouldn’t otherwise be covered in university curriculums like fundraising or project management.

Passion for trails can be seen through her active participation in the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, serving on its board and chairing numerous committees. More recently she has collaborated with Town of Yorktown Department of Parks and Recreation and Westchester Mountain Bike Association to oversee construction of trails in town parks; this required organizing numerous volunteers to build and maintain miles of trails.

Achievement and Honors

She has earned numerous honors, such as the Helen B. Schleman Gold Medallion Award from Purdue Mortar Board and Vincent Bendix Minorities in Engineering Program Director of the Year Awards, for her contributions that have reached thousands of students throughout the U.S. and internationally.

She was an avid reader and former trustee of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Her shelves were lined with books she kept current on despite vision challenges, she also enjoyed hiking as part of American Hiking Society membership, political activist duties as an AHA member as well as acting roles and television show nominations including an Emmy nomination.

Personal Life

Just six seasons ago, Jane Daniels took her first tentative laps on a Yamaha TTR125 during a race experience day. Now, she is an international enduro rider and was the only woman who managed to beat world champion Laia Sanz in any test all season long.

As well as her writing career, she also contributes to Gourmet magazine by writing articles about culinary techniques. Her book ‘From the Garden to the Table’ became an instantaneous bestseller and remains so today.

Both Jane and Walt are avid supporters of hiking and its positive effect on people, being actively involved with the American Hiking Society and making philanthropic contributions to promote hiking to generations to come. Both enjoy spending time in nature; especially hiking with their children and grandchildren.

Net Worth

Fonda is known for her successful acting and fitness empire, so it comes as no surprise she is estimated to be worth an estimated $200 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Successful aerobic exercise videos catapulted her to fame as well as anti-war activism and charity work, earning her an anti-war activist reputation and charity worker status. She’s had an illustrious film career too – starring alongside Henry in Klute (1971) as well as winning an Academy Award for playing Bree Daniels in Barbarella (both movies released that same year).

Fonda resides in an elegant California home complete with an exquisite pool and peaceful atmosphere, purchasing it for $7.3 million in 2012. She bought it open-concept style, spread across 7,100 square feet and with living rooms, landing/hallways, primary bedroom and an elevator – plus makes a decent living from acting roles on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie show.

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