Janet Oliver

Janet Oliver

Janet Oliver of Poulsbo is known for her impressive miniature creations. The Poulsbo resident has created miniature rooms, kitchens, gazebos and houses on a smaller scale – as well as belonging to five miniature clubs.

Her work as a reflexologist and neurodevelopment specialist has enabled her to gain an insight into how development influences life and learning, providing invaluable advice for parents, teachers and therapists alike.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood years are crucially influential for children’s lives as adults. Their experiences between birth and age 8 form the core structure of their brains and establish the basis of all future learning and behavior.

Formative years are of vital importance and understanding how they can be affected can assist parents, teachers and therapists to promote the wellbeing of children.

Dr. Oliver has over 10 years of experience working in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She believes in personalized treatment plans and is dedicated to helping her clients find success. Additionally, she is the proud mother of four sons and twelve grandchildren as well as gardening and finding bargains at Tysons Corner. Additionally, she is an active member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Belleville.

Professional Career

Janet Oliver was an exemplary wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend who always put others first. A true survivor who endured many illnesses and conditions throughout her lifetime.

She has over 10 years of experience working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She possesses great passion for working with children and believes that effective interventions come about due to consistency and collaboration.

Dimple is currently performing with Different Strokes Performing Arts Collective’s play “Eleemosynary,” running June 14-30th at beBe Theatre. She also works as a career advisor at Richmond Law School in Asheville, North Carolina where her duties involve overseeing the creation and delivery of an inclusive career development program to both students and alumni.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver retired from the University of Colorado to focus on film production. She co-founded Ixtlan Film Company with Academy Award-winning writer/director Oliver Stone and worked on multiple movies; additionally she was known for being both charitable and committed to education.

At twenty-one, she visited Edna St. Vincent Millay’s home in Austerlitz, New York and formed an immediate friendship with both she and Norma Millay – Pulitzer Prize-winning poet of Austerlitz, New York.

Oliver led research in various animal production areas such as biological defleecing, selection for nematode resistance, broad acre feed availability prediction and improved nutrition while serving as Chief of the CSIRO Animal Production Division in 1989 after Wool Reserve Price Scheme collapsed. She oversaw reduction in division size as a result.

Personal Life

Janet Oliver was a beloved mother, grandmother and sister who enjoyed shopping, attending plays and spending time with family. Additionally, she found great pleasure traveling and vacationing with her husband.

Longtime Asheville resident Andrea had difficulty finding roles suitable for black actresses. Thanks to Different Strokes Performing Arts Collective and Asheville Community Theater, that situation changed.

Joseph William Adens; her children Lakaisha Oliver and Patrina Booker; stepschildren Jonae and Briden Sims; grandchildren John, Janiya Milan Dillon Amirah Doneerah as well as sisters Zandra Oliver and Francine Gilbert will forever miss her presence – always brightening up our days with smiles, stories and fun memories. We thank all her many friends for being there during this difficult time – without whom, she would not have been remembered with fondness by her many friends – they will miss her presence greatly as she always brought happiness wherever she went – we will miss her presence – always smiling face with stories or tales for us all to hear! We thank all her many friends for being there when necessary and we thank all her many friends as she will be missed dearly. We wish her many friends for all the support during this difficult time – she was the light of everyone’s lives always had something delightfully surprising up her sleeves for all who knew she was always around with something delightfully entertaining up her sleeves, always with something positive or quirky! Her presence will be missed by many as she lit up everyone’s lives with smile and stories to tell. We thank all our loved her dearly miss her! She will be missed greatly as she was the light of each and will miss her generous nature in life- and gratitude goes out to them all who will miss her much- she was the light that always had something funny or insightful; always had stories to share when telling! She would always had her smile. And always had something interesting or entertaining to tell. We all missed! She left us all! Her laughter could only ever present for every tale to tell! She always had something new! The family would always had something new! – always had. She always had tales to tell them always had stories to tell and never stopped making people’s lives… but definitely not be missed with smiles always having smile! Thanks so many friends as much! Thank her many friends from them all in return a tale to share! Thank her so many friends with such kindness when telling tale! She will surely miss! a tale or tell them! She had something new. Always full of her stories she’d tell. Always had tale to tell! She would always had tale to share. Always had stories to tell. a tale to share! She always had something new from being remembered always had & tale to tell. Thanking one just keep telling – always had always made everyone. a tales… always brought – always had such beautiful stories she’d us when it was always had us tells just when everyone’s always! She so very dear. So much loved one more as one! She knew something special….

Net Worth

Oliver is also an enthusiastic cook. He is best known for hosting television programs such as ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’ and its follow up, ‘Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals’; additionally he has published several cookbooks.

Oliver has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million through her various acting, journalism and business ventures.

At Newport Free Language Structure School, he earned two General Studies and Geography General Certificate of Educational Achievement qualifications before attending London Hotel School to take up catering as his future profession.

He engaged in recent trading activity by exercising 9,354 shares of V2X Inc stock on 16 May 2016 worth over $122,818 and sold seven trades of VEC stock during the last 9 years.

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