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Janet Steeper Burkle

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Janet filed for a restraining order against Ronald Burkle in 2003 after hearing that he told their daughter his security staff had video and pictures of Janet with another person.

Early Life and Education

Jan was an example of an individual who pursued her dreams no matter the cost or ridicule it caused others. Born and raised in Uniontown, Pennsylvania as one of two siblings but one child only, she enjoyed having extended family such as Aunt Ruth who needed constant assistance using a wheelchair.

As a teenager, she worked in retail store clerking. At age 18, she married Ron Burkle – co-founder of Yucaipa Companies and part owner of Pittsburgh Penguins. They separated several times before their bitter divorce battle broke out in 2006.

Jan’s early life experiences guided her life choices, specifically in helping women and children leave abusive relationships. She strongly believed that every child deserved access to an excellent education regardless of economic constraints.

Professional Career

Janet Barth worked at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center as a scientist. At Goddard, her duties included analyzing radiation data to predict its impact on astronauts and spacecraft as well as designing flight computers and storage systems.

She was the great-grandniece of aviation pioneers the Wright brothers. At 15 she met Ron Burkle whom she married later that same year in 1974 after some separation and reconciliation attempts with one another before their bitter divorce battle was finalized in 2006.

An ex-spouse accused her of having an affair with her current partner and produced evidence supporting this claim in California court, however these accusations were ultimately disproved by them and she now participates in various charitable and civic endeavors.

Achievement and Honors

Janet McKee experienced a devastating burnout after working her way up at multiple Fortune 500 companies, which nearly killed her. This experience pushed her on an intense journey of self-healing and wellness which ultimately resulted in creating an extraordinary successful life unlike anything she had seen before. Janet’s teachings go well beyond any limitations found within limited mindset philosophy – they provide a fresh outlook to living.

Janet is best known for empowering others to discover their passion, positivity and purpose by helping them break negative patterns with her SanaView Success Methodology. As an internationally-recognized speaker, author, coach who frequently appears on TV and radio broadcasts. Furthermore, Janet enjoys rock climbing both domestically as well as abroad, undertaking challenging climbs both domestically and overseas.

Personal Life

Janet Burke is now widowed; however, they were married for 32 years prior to their separation in 2006. Ronald Burke co-founded and managed The Yucaipa Companies LLC before their separation in 2006.

Janet and Andrew had three children together. During their divorce proceedings, Janet accused her husband of spying on both herself and their son; furthermore he informed their daughter that his security staff had pictures and videos showing Janet having sexual relations with another man – Janet filed for a restraining order but it was denied by the court.

She claimed in her court documents that her former spouse owned six residences, a helicopter, and a 757 jet which was often used to fly himself, their son, Bill Clinton and others to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s birthday celebration in 2003.

Net Worth

Janet Steeper Burkle made claims during their divorce proceedings, which was finalized in 2006, that Ronald Wayne Burkle used his security staff to spy on her and their son. She tried to secure a restraining order against him but it was denied; furthermore he would follow them into Jerry’s Deli where they frequently dined out together.

She claimed in her filings that they possessed six residences, amassed $25 million of art, and spent up to $15,000 at a time on clothes – however her claims were eventually disallowed by a California appellate court.

Ron is the co-founder and managing partner of The Yucaipa Companies LLC and is also part-owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, with an estimated net worth estimated to be in the range of $2 billion.

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