Jashonna Adams

Jashonna Adams – A Memorable Teenager

Ozell Lewis, 19, from Jackson has been sentenced to 25 years for second-degree murder of Jashonna Adams (17), from Richland who died as the result of being shot. Bubba Bramlett of Rankin County District Attorney believes Lewis used a stolen gun during this act of violence which resulted in Adams’s death.

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Early Life and Education

Jashonna Adams was born December 13th 2003 and passed away May 27th 2021 due to gunshot wounds at age 19 as she attended Jim Hill High School and Truelight Missionary Baptist Church.

At 14, Abigail Smith first encountered John Adams through Richard Cranch, one of her older sister Mary’s closest friends and by all accounts her most attractive sibling. They corresponded via letters before Richard Cranch visited Weymouth, Massachusetts at her invitation, finding Abigail thoughtful, witty, and opinionated; after three visits together and falling in love they ultimately married despite parental objections; their lives then took them abroad with John working as an American diplomat negotiating the Jay Treaty between Britain and America as well as exchanging ratifications back and forth until finally returning stateside after six years abroad service as John became US diplomat.

Professional Career

Jashonna Adams had an acting career spanning five decades, appearing in over 100 movies and television shows spanning both film and TV. She made frequent appearances on Murder, She Wrote as well as Perry Mason in the early 70s.

She began her film career playing leading ladies opposite such stars as Arthur Kennedy in Bright Victory (1951), Rock Hudson in Bend in the River (1952) and Van Heflin in Wings of the Hawk (1953). However, her breakthrough came with 3D movie Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), directed by Jack Arnold.

Adams was shot to death by her teenage lover, Ozell Lewis, in 2021 and found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years of incarceration for shooting her during an argument between them.

Achievement and Honors

Jashonna Adams was a very hardworking girl, always striving to reach her goals. She was also an outstanding student; from kindergarten through her junior year of high school she consistently made honor roll and received multiple awards and honors for both academic and social achievements. Jashonna enjoyed childhood and high school years immensely and made many memories with friends and family members during vacations; always helpful, she will be greatly missed by many people.

Personal Life

Jashonna Adams-adams was born in Jackson, Mississippi and currently resides there with two sons and her mother Valerie Williams as well as aunts Lisa (Jeremy) Williams and Lavida Johnson of Hazlehurst as well as brothers Alec Adams and Javon Adams from Jackson as well as her sister-in-law Shontae Adams from Jackson as well as several nieces and nephews.

Bubba Bramlett of Rankin County District Attorney reports that 19-year-old Ozell Lewis pulled a stolen gun out during an argument and shot 17-year-old Jashonna Adams of Richland during an exchange, prompting 25 years in prison without parole or early release WLBT reports. He was later charged with second-degree murder.

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