Jeanne Adams

Jeanne Adams

Jeanne Adams is an author specializing in romantic suspense and science fiction novels. Additionally, she has provided reference manuals for various pieces of computer equipment – such as the CYBER 205.

She holds memberships with both Romance Writers of America and Thriller Writers of America and has won multiple awards in multiple competitions as a finalist or winner.

Early Life and Education

Adams first displayed her aptitude for teaching and leading as a young girl. She gathered neighborhood children for play school sessions while simultaneously writing and directing plays. Furthermore, Adams advocated for bicycle safety rodeos as well as helping create a community library.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) and child development may seem to be distinct fields, yet both share similar goals. Both fields examine how children’s learning environments influence their overall wellbeing and ability to flourish.

Adams pioneered an innovative professional development charter school in Ventura County called University Preparation Charter School. Her proudest achievement may have been its creation; over its two decade run it has offered high-quality instruction for thousands of college-bound Ventura County students.

Professional Career

Jeanne Adams displayed early signs of teaching and leadership ability from an early age. She began organizing neighborhood children into classes of her own design, writing plays for performances she organized educational events about, lobbying local governments to establish bicycle safety rodeos, lobbying local governments for bicycle safety rodeos and helping create libraries in her hometown.

She has earned four college degrees, numerous credentials and boasts an extensive teaching career. She founded a university preparation charter school at CSU Channel Islands and has been instrumental in training teachers and administrators over many years.

She has also served as an advocate and speaker for students with disabilities, speaking at schools and youth groups about her experiences being bullied as a child with partial limbs, but how encouragement from friends kept her going.

Achievement and Honors

Jeanne Adams demonstrated early signs of her teaching and leadership abilities as a teenager, when she organized neighborhood kids to play school while also writing and directing plays. Additionally, she joined Future Teachers of America.

She was an early pioneer of computer technology, beginning her work on early machines during World War II. Later at NCAR’s Computer Information Systems Laboratory (CISL), she taught courses on scientific programming as part of its short courses series. Furthermore, she co-authored Programmer’s Guide to Fortran 90 while serving on an American National Standards Institute committee responsible for its creation.

She quickly earned acclaim within NCAR computing facilities for assigning challenging programming tasks that put newcomers to supercomputing through their paces. In addition, she led Seattle AWIS community events.

Personal Life

Living near Comfrey Minnesota, Jeanne Adams fostered an early work ethic. Working alongside her father before and after school on their farm, upon graduating she went on to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) practicing accounting in both California and Colorado.

Adams was an esteemed pioneer of photography. He created the “zone system”, a set of technical guidelines which allowed photographers to visualize an image and then produce prints which faithfully represented it. Furthermore, Adams wrote several highly respected books on photography.

Adams was a member of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. She served worldwide as an educator, researcher, and pastoral minister; with particular expertise in researching and documenting content related to its history.

Net Worth

Jeanne Adams is a family medicine doctor located in Chehalis, Washington and affiliated with Providence Centralia Hospital. Currently she practices at Family Medical Centers of America.

Jeanne hails from Michigan but now resides near Washington with her husband, two wonderful children, and mischievous Dalmatian. Previously she worked in marketing for research parks, government concerns, non-profits (all great inspiration for writers!) as well as marketing for research parks (which she uses as fodder).

Jeanne owns and manages the Mono Inn at Mono Lake as well as her father’s gallery there. She serves on both boards of Ansel Adams Foundation and Yosemite Conservancy, lectures about his photography, earns book royalties as a significant source of income, and lectures publicly about it – For more info visit Nancy Pelosi Net Worth.

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