jefferson crossing farmington ct

Jefferson Crossing in Farmington CT

The Jefferson Crossing in Farmington CT was a cul de sac where the Dulos family raised their clan. This is a great neighborhood to live in if you enjoy a quiet lifestyle, but it’s not as convenient to get around as it once was. For instance, there is a bus line that runs down the middle of the cul de sac, but the bus stop is at least a mile away.

There are actually seven addresses in the Jefferson Crossing development. The best part is that they all are in the same zip code, a feat not often achieved. Despite this, the average property tax for a house in the area is a modest $25,249 per year. To top it off, the median home price is a palatable $949,131, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the median household income of $134,408. In terms of real estate, there are 10 houses for sale in the Jefferson Crossing. You can find them by searching the various databases, or by conducting a Google search. Most of the homes are in the $1 million to $2 million range.

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