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Jennifer George – Author – The Dream of Reason

Jenny George is the author of The Dream of Reason, published by Copper Canyon Press in 2018. This debut showcases an awe-inspiring poetic talent – intensely focused, patient and profoundly empathetic.

Her poems examine the complex relationships between humans and animals we imagine, keep, fear, or consume. Titled after Goya’s iconic bestiary, this collection brings vivid dreams of bats who crawl like goblins, purring moths and tender livestock – especially pigs – into a spacious realm just outside time. Its startling images bring readers into an immersive lucid realm just beyond perception.

Early Life and Education

Jenny George developed an interest in design and sewing from an early age, as her grandmother is an accomplished tailor. As a result, Jenny developed an intense love of the arts as well as an ambition to educate herself further.

She then pursued a degree at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, where she was discovered and cast in several film roles. An incredibly gifted actress, she has the unique ability to portray both vulnerable and seductive characters with equal ease.

Her most renowned acting roles include “Near Dark” (1987) and “I, Madman” (1989), as well as starring in several films with Brat Pack members. After leaving the industry behind, she turned her focus towards stage work with both Metropolitan Opera and Shakespeare Company of New York.

Professional Career

George has had a remarkable professional journey that spans the fields of business, education and sports. For over two decades, she has worked as an academic researcher, professor and consultant within the management field. Her research interests lie in human behavior and social construction of knowledge – particularly nonconscious processes, personality influences, group/team dynamics, prosocial behavior, customer service performance and values.

Jennifer serves as Director of Global Marketing at Omnicell, providing assistance to its Strategic Alliances through engaging marketing programs that drive revenue and open new business doors. When not at work, Jennifer enjoys traveling and reading, with an added passion for photography and jewelry-making. Married to Joe since 2003, they reside in Terrell, TX with their three children.

Achievements and Honors

Jenny George has received numerous accolades throughout her career. She received the “Discovery” / Boston Review Poetry Prize as well as fellowships from Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fund, MacDowell Colony and Yaddo, among others.

In 2002, she was offered a professorship at Berkeley and moved there with her husband Jamie Cate. Since then, they have made Berkeley their home while continuing her research there.

Her research examines how individuals and groups experience workplace environments and what factors influence their behaviors. She has examined how moods, emotions, and nonconscious processes influence work outcomes such as creativity, team performance, customer service, prosocial behavior, values, stress. Furthermore, she is interested in how organizations engage with environmental elements like culture, religion, and social justice issues.

Personal Life

Jennifer George is an adoring and caring individual who takes great pleasure in spending time with her family, friends and pets. She loves nothing more than spending quality time with those close to her heart as well as traveling to new places with them.

Jenny is a successful woman with an impressive net worth. She has been married to Charlie George since 2005 and is the mother of two sons, Waylon and Rhyder.

She is an inspiring educator who strives to instill a love of learning in her students. As an avid lifelong learner, she regularly reads professional articles to sharpen her skills in this area.

Net Worth

Garner is a successful actress and producer who has earned millions of dollars over the years. Her acting work has been an important factor in building her net worth, but she also has many entrepreneurial ventures outside Hollywood that contribute to her wealth.

She is the co-founder of Once Upon A Farm, which manufactures organic baby food. Additionally, she holds multiple brand endorsement contracts and real estate investments.

She is an active activist, contributing money to various Democratic politicians. Together with Halle Berry, she testified in support of a bill that safeguards children against paparazzi harassment and has campaigned for Hillary Clinton.

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