Jerome Benton Net Worth

Jerome Benton is an American musician, backup dancer and comedian best known for his work with Morris Day and The Time.

He made appearances in several music videos for Prince and Janet Jackson, becoming well-known for his on-stage comic antics.

He is currently single, keeping his personal life confidential.

Early Life and Education

Jerome benton is an American funk singer known for making an impactful mark in the music industry. Beginning his career as a dancer and backup singer during the 80s, his exceptional stage performances helped earn him membership to The Time band.

His energetic performance inspired many artists, including Janet Jackson and Prince. In 1990, he co-founded his own label to allow for independent music production with greater creative control over his artistry.

He is also a respected actor, having appeared in various movies such as Purple Rain. A hard worker himself, he believes nothing can be accomplished without dedication and determination – as well as being generous to various charities through donations made over time.

Professional Career

Jerome Benton is an American backup dancer and comic actor best known for his performances in music videos for Janet Jackson and Prince, as well as being part of The Time band. Benton, half-brother to bassist Terry Lewis in The Time’s early days, became their comic foil by dancing and providing backing vocals.

Benton’s longstanding involvement with the group saw him appear in movies like Purple Rain and Under the Cherry Moon as well as TV shows like In Living Color. Additionally, Benton co-founded his own record label to gain greater control of his musical career.

Benton also hosts the Purple Paisley Brunch at Taj II Lounge and Event Space in New York City, and continues touring with The Family, Morris Day & The Time and Sheila E.

Achievement and Honors

Jerome Benton is an esteemed American musician, dancer and actor. Known for his groundbreaking contributions to the music industry through The Time band as well as comedic on-stage performances, Benton is internationally celebrated.

He has also featured in several films and music videos. His dedication and talent for his craft have gained him enormous popularity and success.

Benton’s collaboration with Prince further advanced his career in music. This charismatic performer is an influential figure who has inspired numerous musicians and performers; his unique style and stage presence have attracted the interest of music fans worldwide. Benton currently has an estimated net worth of over $1 Million. He continues to pursue his passion for funk music as an influential force within its realms.

Personal Life

Jerome Benton is a multi-talented artist, displaying his skills as a singer, backup dancer and comedic actor. He has collaborated with prominent artists like Janet Jackson and Prince, while becoming widely-renowned for his on-stage comic antics.

Benton established his own label, Benton Entertainment Group, in 1990 to achieve financial independence and more control over his music. Not only has Benton been active as a musician; he has also featured prominently in several films like Purple Rain, Graffiti Bridge and Under the Cherry Moon.

He prefers a private life and prefers not to discuss his affairs publicly, yet remains an inspiration for aspiring artists by inspiring them to pursue their goals and following their passion. Furthermore, his unique style and stage presence draw the audience’s interest.

Net Worth

Jerome Benton, an award-winning Funk Singer with an estimated net worth of around $118 Million. His wealth was amassed while performing as part of The Time (later renamed The Original 7ven) dance and funk music group from Minneapolis, as well as appearing in numerous music videos for popular Prince and Janet Jackson tracks.

He is best known for his extraordinary dancing moves and captivating performances, earning much fame among audiences around the globe. Additionally, he co-founded his own record label and invested in real estate over time.

He is currently single and prefers to keep his personal life private. Born September 19, 1962 under Virgo zodiac sign he prefers taking things slowly when it comes to love.

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