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Jerry Lawson net worth is an acclaimed entrepreneur known for building his fortune through investments across numerous industries. His success story has inspired many others to follow their dreams and follow in his footsteps.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, his father worked as a longshoreman while his mother worked for the city; both parents inspired him to pursue science and technology careers.

Early Life and Education

Gerald Lawson was born December 1940 and raised in a Queens housing project, where his parents encouraged his interest in science and instilled within him the importance of education. From an early age he experimented with electronics by building his own ham radio station and offering to repair televisions for spare change in the neighborhood.

He studied at Queens College and City College of New York (CCNY), before finding employment with Grumman Electric, Federal Aircraft, PRD Electronics, Fairchild Camera & Instrument and eventually making the journey out west to Silicon Valley where he finally settled down to work at Fairchild Camera and Instrument.

One of few black engineers at the time, he led a team in creating Channel F, an early video game console featuring interchangeable cartridges. Unfortunately he passed away at age 70 but is survived by Catherine and their children Karen and Anderson.

Professional Career

Lawson was raised in a Queens housing project and was blessed to have an extremely supportive mother who made sure he received an outstanding education, encouraging his interest in scientific activities such as chemistry and ham radio. Meanwhile, his grandfather pursued a career in physics; unfortunately as an African American he couldn’t secure employment there so ended up working as a longshoreman instead.

Lawson worked as a television repairman during his spare time, saving his allowance and selling parts to make money. He built his own amateur radio station and created a walkie-talky to keep in contact with his family while on the job. Later he established Videosoft to create video games; eventually joining Homebrew Computer Club where he met individuals such as Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

Achievement and Honors

Jerry Lawson is an esteemed businessman renowned for building his fortune through smart investments. A master at recognizing profitable opportunities, Jerry has served as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs across America and his success story has become part of American history.

His invention of the video game cartridge revolutionized gaming industry, enabling players to easily switch between different titles. His legacy continues today and has inspired generations of engineers.

Lawson was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1940 to parents who ensured he received an excellent education, while also possessing an interest in science as longshoremen. Later he studied at Queens College and City College of New York before making the move west to California.

Personal Life

Jerry Lawson is an esteemed entrepreneur renowned for his success at seizing opportunities and capitalizing on them to amass wealth. His story serves as an inspirational tale for aspiring business people looking to make an impressionful mark in the business world.

Gerald Anderson “Jerry” Lawson was born December 1st 1940 in Brooklyn, New York and began tinkering with electronics at an early age, fixing televisions around his neighborhood and creating his own radio station using parts from local electronics stores. His father worked on longshore ships while his mother served on the PTA of his predominantly white school.

At the start of the video game industry, he became one of the few African American engineers working in computing. Honored by IGDA in 2011, but tragically died due to diabetes complications one month later.

Net Worth

Jerry Lawson has amassed an enormous fortune through smart investments in real estate and technology. His life story serves as an inspirational lesson in hard work and dedication leading to amazing success in any field.

Jerry Lawson was born in Brooklyn, New York in December 1940 to a fierce mother who instilled an excellent education into him. Later he found work with Fairchild Semiconductor and interacted with influential individuals like Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs at Homebrew Computer Club meetings. Additionally he is known for the invention of video game cartridges which has contributed greatly to their progression over time.

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