Jess Henry

Jess Henry

Jess Henry is an associate professor at Montclair State University where she specializes in Wrongful Convictions, Criminal Law & Procedure and Death Penalty Perspectives courses. Additionally, she writes frequently and makes regular media commentary appearances.

Author of Smoke But No Fire (University of California Press 2020). She previously served as public defender and has extensive experience working towards social justice issues.

Early Life and Education

Jess is an engaging performer renowned for her captivating stage presence and humorous anecdotes that leave audiences laughing outright. Due to her relatable comedy, her sold-out shows across the nation have proven highly popular with audiences.

She holds a board-certified OB/GYN degree with a special interest in teen pregnancy prevention, managing patients in a bustling metropolitan practice and developing policies and protocols related to such matters.

She firmly believes in social justice and education’s transformative power; currently serving as residential manager at a transitional home for women and mentoring returning citizens and youth that have aged out of foster care; additionally she owns her own bakery company.

Professional Career

Jess Henry is a mental health therapist with both an Honours B.A and Ph.D from McGill University. Her predominant theoretical orientation integrates cognitive-behavioral and schema-focused theories; she believes in honoring individuality while tailoring her approach according to each client’s specific needs.

At present, she holds memberships with both the Canadian Psychological Association and Ottawa Academy of Psychology, while further developing her professional development with conferences, workshops, lectures, master of public health degree and expertise in obstetrics and gynecology.

Jennifer brings extensive expertise in customer service, wealth management, centralised operations and major project implementation. She possesses an incredible passion for for-purpose work and advocates for human inclusivity; serving as mentors to returning citizens and youth who have aged out of foster care.

Achievement and Honors

Jessica is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed artist whose oil paintings have been shown and collected across the United States. Her style can be described as Classically Impressionist with thick brushwork employing jewel-like colors reflecting light dancing from their paintings.

Jessica is also an artist, legal commentator and social justice advocate whose writing has appeared in mainstream media and academic journals. Additionally, she wrote Smoke but No Fire which explores an alarmingly common type of false conviction based on falsified evidence.

Jessica is also the founding partner of Renaissance Creative Arts, an online art academy. She designs and manages its art instruction programs as well as traveling the world in search of scenic plein air locations to film her captivating art videos.

Personal Life

Jessica Henry is a married woman and mother to two daughters. Additionally, she advocates for human inclusivity as manager at transitional housing for women as well as mentor for returning citizens and youth who have aged out of foster care.

She pursues her passion for painting by exploring plein air landscapes around the globe in search of ideal spots for her paintings. Her oil paintings stand out with their depth of color and play with light, similar to how Impressionists employed jewel-like hues to represent light’s journey across their canvases.

Her academic pursuits include research in wellness pedagogy to offset any potentially harmful course materials that might be difficult or upsetting for students, and she serves as undergraduate advisor for RHSSO as well as EPCSE liaison on the College of Education faculty council.

Net Worth

Jess is estimated to be worth an estimated $8 Million dollars and most of her wealth comes from her role as reality star on Duck Dynasty show and selling merchandise.

She enjoys antiquing and taking pictures. Additionally, in her spare time she loves cheering her daughters at sporting events.

Jess joined Rise in 2019 as Project Manager, where she oversees real estate development projects while championing community-driven planning efforts. Prior to Rise, Jess worked as a municipal planner for seven years.

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