Jesse Thomas

Who is Jesse Thomas?

Jesse Thomas is an Certified Financial Planner with Pathstone. His passion lies in helping others make informed financial decisions.

He’s an enthusiastic triathlete and enjoys spending his free time with his wife and young son. Additionally, he specializes in assisting business owners prepare for liquidity events.

Early Life and Education

Jesse Thomas was Willard “Ramblin'” Thomas’ brother from Texas blues musician Willard “Ramblin'” Thomas and also had dreams of becoming a musician. In the ’40s and ’50s he recorded for Milltone, Freedom Modern Swing Time Hollywood Specialty labels.

Thomas was instrumental in the National Urban League’s racial integration. Later he worked with the U.S. Treasury on a program selling war bonds in Black communities.

He is the author of multiple books, including The Greatest Investment You Can Make. Additionally, he founded JESS3, a firm that specializes in data visualization and social media marketing; their work was recognized by various organizations such as Washington Life magazine. They also taught painting and drawing at University of St Louis before leading art design courses for University of Georgia and Washington University students in Cortona Italy.

Professional Career

Jesse Thomas has extensive experience working in Medicaid managed care organizations. He has held the CEO roles of several health plans such as Trusted Health Plans Inc., HealthPlans of America and Coordinated Health Mutual Inc.

Jesse Thomas has distinguished himself in his 11+ year career as a financial advisor by offering highly tailored solutions to high net worth families. This included investment, estate tax planning and insurance planning solutions.

Thomas is also an internationally-renowned triathlete, specializing in swim-bike-run endurance sports workouts. He has competed in races all around the world. At Stanford he was an elite steeplechaser while exploring professional cycling until an accident put an end to those aspirations.

Achievement and Honors

When the Missouri controversy broke out in 1820 over slavery in newly acquired territory, Jesse Burgess Thomas took charge of delicate negotiations that ultimately produced the Missouri Compromise. Thomas’ maturity, good judgment, and restraint allowed for an agreement which stood the test of time: 34 years in all!

Jesse Ashwood Thomas passed away peacefully at home in South Charleston on June 7 at age 84, leaving behind many friends, family members, and his devoted caretaker Cristofer Wilson as well as numerous grandchildren, such as Tekisha Sankey and Kalonji Nelson. An avid George Jones fan who could often be found shopping at Walmart he also enjoyed playing his music locally at bars or open mic nights as well as recording an album called War Dancer (debuted in 2012).

Personal Life

Jesse Thomas and Lauren Fleshman, a former professional runner herself, have two children together: a son and daughter.

Thomas has long championed social media as an engagement tool and worked to increase use of Twitter in political debate. Additionally, Thomas was involved with designing and creating several websites, such as Buzzroom that tracks NASA tweets and the C-SPAN Video Library which won him the Peabody Award.

Jesse “Mule” Thomas, brother of Texas bluesman Willard “Babyface”, made an impactful eight decade career before passing away in 1995. Recording on small labels like Miltone and Club Records, his albums never made it big time.

Net Worth

One way of calculating someone’s net worth is to add all their assets and subtract their liabilities; Jesse Thomas is estimated to have amassed approximately $1.5 Million dollars in assets and liabilities.

Thomas lives in Bend, Oregon with his long-distance running wife Lauren Fleshman (also an LDR runner) and their children: their two small boys and daughter. Thomas co-founded Picky Bars – a natural energy bar company.

As a Director at Pathstone, Thomas provides highly tailored guidance for high net worth clients and their families. He specializes in helping business owners and multi-generational families manage the impact of wealth while making sure that their planning strategy aligns with their values. With over 10 years of experience and his designation as a Certified Financial Planner professional, Thomas excels at customizing his approach to meet individual clients’ needs.

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