Joc Pederson Braves Wallpaper

Joc Pederson Braves Wallpaper

Joc Pederson was a member of the Chicago Cubs until a trade brought him to Atlanta in July of 2021. After two years in the Windy City, he returned to the metropolis with a bang, making a case for the return of a certain former sex king. He may not have done much more than a bit of mashup and a few minor leaguers, but he’s been a big part of a revitalized Braves team that reclaimed a World Series title after a long drought.

While he’s not the most awe-inspiring player in the organization, Pederson has a number of impressive stats to brag about. For instance, he has been the leader in the home run department, and his 23 home runs set a new Braves record for most hits by an outfielder in a season. In addition, he has been the best in the league in the category of batting average, hitting.272 with 56 runs, 13 doubles and five home runs. And if you thought he was good in the regular season, wait until you see what he did in the postseason.

In fact, he has played more than a quarter of his career in Atlanta, averaging nearly six games per season. Despite a slow start to his career, he managed to re-establish himself as a power hitter. Notably, he hit two home runs during the Division Series against Milwaukee, and hit a game-sealing two-run mammoth blast in a 7-4 win over the Phillies. This, of course, is not to mention the three triples he’s hit in the last four games. As for the postseason, he made his presence known by ranking fourth in the league in batting average, slugging percentage and RBIs.

Aside from his storied accomplishments, Pederson is also well known for his quirky style choices, most notably his pearl necklace, which earned him a spot in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. Although he has yet to officially reveal his name, the Braves have branded themselves with his crest. He was also given a whole month to himself in honor of his contributions to the franchise. His signature is emblazoned on his white and red uniforms.

The Braves have a solid roster for the foreseeable future, and it’s not too hard to imagine a reunion between Pederson and his former teammates. But, that may not be the only reason he wants to stay in Atlanta. Despite a disappointing season that saw the team fall from first to third in the NL East, the Braves should be commended for their recent acquisitions and the resurgence of Dansby Swanson. On the other hand, there is always the prospect of a move to another ballpark, as the Dodgers have proven themselves to be a formidable foe. Fortunately, Pederson has a free agency following the year, and it may be worth taking a shot at one of the top-tier free agent clubs.

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