John Bethuy

John Bethuy

John Bethuy is the son of Alexander Bethui and Perpetua LaLonde, who settled in Michigan around 1840.

John first comes into our awareness when he enlists in the 22nd Michigan Volunteers during the Civil War. He was discharged in September 1865 and married Teresa Tibo two years later, in 1870.

Early Life and Education

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Personal Life

John Bethui was born into a family that immigrated to America from Paris, France in 1840. His father Antoine Bethui followed shortly after with his wife and children in order to escape political unrest back home. They eventually settled in St. Clair county, Michigan. During the late 1860s, Bethuy enlisted with the 22nd Michigan volunteers during the Civil War; he was discharged in September 1865 but remained an honorable veteran until 1917 when he passed away at 91 years old.

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