John Borg

John Borg brings vast judicial, practice, and teaching experience. Since 1975 he has served as mediator, arbitrator, special master, or litigation committee in thousands of cases as mediator.

In 1980, Borg met McEnroe in the Wimbledon final. Borg prevailed after an exhilarating fifth set tiebreaker victory and went back to his locker room along with coach Lennart Bergelin.

Early Life and Education

Borg was born in Sweden. He attended Pelican Rapids High School, graduating in 1964 before serving with the US Army during Vietnam. Later he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Minnesota in 1968.

From 1978-2002 he served as Judge in Minnesota State District Court’s Fourth Judicial District where he handled all levels and classes of civil and criminal cases, such as personal injuries, contract violations, employment law matters, consumer law disputes, real estate sales transactions and tort law issues.

Borg made headlines throughout the 1970s as one of the polarizing figures in tennis, often known as “Ice Man”. At only 20, he won Wimbledon and went on to claim five consecutive championships between 1978-1981.

Professional Career

John Borg built upon his design skills during the 1980s while working for Data East, Sega and Stern Pinball. Additionally he was a professional tennis player and founded his own underwear line.

Borg finished as the runner-up at four US Open tournaments and competed in six Wimbledon finals – winning five of them before his retirement in 1981. His popularity inspired many people to pursue their passions and live life to its fullest.

His legal career encompasses a comprehensive spectrum, from civil litigation involving business and consumer issues, intellectual property, employment agreements and restrictive covenants, commercial family tort and construction litigation, criminal cases including murder/assault/white collar crimes as well as trial advocacy. Additionally, he serves on multiple judicial nominating panels as well as regularly providing continuing legal education presentations.

Achievement and Honors

Borg captured five Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles titles and led his Nordic country, Finland, to win its inaugural Davis Cup championship – marking an unprecedented achievement by any country other than Great Britain, France, Australia or the United States. A master of fast-paced game, Borg could adapt his style both on clay at Roland Garros and grass courts like Wimbledon; powerful baseline player that could outrun most opponents while adept at long rallies were just some of his talents.

John McEnroe was his greatest opponent, with their 1980 Wimbledon final being one of the most iconic tennis matches ever seen. McEnroe’s victory at the 1981 US Open final would later force Borg into early retirement and into leading an unconventional lifestyle that often involved dodging bankruptcy – for which he received the Opus College of Engineering Outstanding Research Award.

Personal Life

John Borg was an engineer who collaborated on high-profile pinball games such as Jurassic Park, Tales From The Crypt, Guns N’ Roses and Iron Man (Data East) as well as X-Men and Titanic (Stern). Additionally he designed injection molds for plastic components.

Even without formal education, he was an outstanding junior player and quickly rose through the ranks to become a top player by age 18. By 18 years of age he was winning top tournaments.

“The Ice Borg” earned his moniker with his unflappable demeanor on court and never lost control on court; his only rivalry came in form of John McEnroe (portrayed by Tuva Novotny of Annihilation fame). Mariana Simionescu played by Tuva Novotny from Borg vs McEnroe) was his wife at one time; this marriage ended after divorce in 1980.

Net Worth

Borg earned a considerable sum during his professional career. His talent at endorsements earned him deals with companies like Tuborg beer, Saab cars and Nutriment food supplements.

He invested in numerous businesses, including Bjorn Borg clothing line – now one of Sweden’s best-selling labels and with global reach.

Since 2014, the Borg brothers have added to their agricultural holdings by purchasing Glendower in NSW’s Central Tablelands region for $20.5 million from Regis Resources on ASX-listed gold miner Regis Resources’ ASX listing in October last year – part of Green Park Aggregation located 12 kilometers west of Rand.

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