John Carriger

John Carriger

John Carriger was an early settler of Kansas. In 1854, he relocated from Independence, Missouri, to Auburn in Shawnee County.

He possessed an uncommon talent for mechanicals. Additionally, he was incredibly honest and fair in his dealings with others.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

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Personal Life

John Carriger was an early pioneer in Shawnee County, Kansas and a farmer and stockman from Auburn Township.

He is a Democrat and member of the Granger Society, having recently acquired 365 acres in his hometown.

He possessed remarkable talents, and his early training prepared him well for his work in pioneer Kansas. He was a man of great strength, an adept horseman, and reliable stockman. Additionally, he was honest and fair in all his dealings with others; friends came in droves around him, and his reputation preceded him.

Net Worth

John Carriger boasts a net worth of $1 Million. He earned this wealth through the publication of three novels and an anthology of short stories.

He has also published a book of poetry and written several plays. Additionally, he belongs to the Writers’ Association and has two daughters and sons.

He is the author of the New York Times best-selling Finishing School series and Parasol Protectorate series, as well as appearing regularly on television shows. His books have been translated into numerous languages, creating an enthusiastic fan base around Healdsburg, California where the average age of his fans is 64 years old. With an estimated annual income between $35-49K, it’s no wonder why his books continue to sell so well!

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