John Cullinane

John Cullinane

John Cullinane is an American actor, known for his role as John McEnroe on the hit television show “Dancing With the Stars.” His career is impressive, with over sixty film credits to his name. Moreover, he is a winner of several awards and honors, including the Golden Globe, Emmy, and the Screen Actors Guild Award. He has also served as a director on several films, and his work is considered to be among the most critically acclaimed in the industry.

Early Life and Education

John Cullinane is a legendary Irish dancer. He has helped bring Irish dancing to the global stage. Despite his success as a dancer, Cullinane has also played an important role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.

Cullinane grew up in Dedham, Massachusetts. His parents were natives of Waterford, Ireland. In fact, his father was 32 when he was born. The family moved to Arlington, Massachusetts. During his time in Arlington, Cullinane attended Arlington High School. After he graduated, he attended Northeastern University in Boston.

Eventually, he started his own company, Cullinane Corporation. His company was successful in acquiring venture capital. At one point, Cullinane was involved in an incident which brought his life into turmoil.

Several years later, Cullinane began to support efforts in the Irish Republic to develop an economy. To this end, he formed a pro-bono Economic Development Committee.

Professional Career

Cullinane, the name above, is a well-known software entrepreneur. He started the company called Cullinet, which was the first software company to go public. In a little over a decade, it went from an unknown entity to a multi-billion dollar corporation. It was the brainchild of a Harvard grad, who wanted to make the Irish Republic more economically competitive. His success helped shape the way many companies do business.

Although Cullinane’s professional career was spent in the Boston area, he has kept in touch with his roots. While he has been busy raising $50 million for the Boston Public Library, he has also been active in the Northern Irish economy. One example is his interest in fostering the use of the Irish language in schools.

Achievements and Honors

John Cullinane is a native of Co Waterford, Ireland. He is a successful businessman and a computer software entrepreneur. In 1968, he founded his own company, Cullinane Corporation. The success of the company proved that a software product could be made and sold.

During perilous times in Northern Ireland, Cullinane was actively involved in promoting peace and job creation. With his support, hundreds of jobs were created in Belfast.

Cullinane moved to the Philippines in the late 1960s. His connection to the country dates back to his Peace Corps service in Cebu City. Since then, he has lived and worked in the Philippines.

During his early career, Mr. Cullinane had a variety of technical and senior positions in the computer field. He began his professional career in Arlington, MA. Later, he was the chief of staff for Congressman Joe Kennedy.

Personal Life

John Cullinane is a native Irish speaker and one of the most influential Americans in Irish American history. As the owner of the Cullinane Group and Cullinane Associates, he has made many investments in the Irish Republic. He is also a social worker, practicing in West Springs Hospital in Grand Junction, CO. Among his many accomplishments, he was honored by the Irish America magazine as one of the 100 most influential Irish Americans.

A native of Waterford, Ireland, Mr. Cullinane had a career in information technology at the Washington Gas Light Company. After the company was sold, he moved quietly. Then, he founded his own company, the Cullinane Corporation, in 1968. During this period, he served on the President’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

Net Worth

Cullinane is a software entrepreneur who has made his mark with a number of innovative products and services. He has also founded and served as executive vice president of a company that introduced the first component stock of the S&P 500 index. His most recent role was that of Chief Information Officer of WGL Holdings.

Cullinane is no stranger to the utility business. He spent ten years in the Consumer Services department as a technical architect. While working in the department, he implemented the company’s wireless mobile data network. As part of his tenure, he also served as a member of the Mobile Data Users Group’s executive committee. In addition, he was involved in the formation of the Boston Public Library Foundation, predecessor of the Boston Public Library Fund.

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