John Dammermann

John Dammermann and Margaritaville Resort in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

John Dammermann is a hotel developer from Minnesota. As owner of TPI Hospitality, he’s developing the Margaritaville Resort on Fort Myers Beach in Florida.

On Tuesday, Dammermann was in town to mark the groundbreaking of his project. At the event, speakers from town officials and Dammermann gave a presentation.

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Achievements and Honors

Dammermann has been a star player for the New London-Spicer Wildcats ever since he arrived. In their 61-0 victory against Proctor last week, he ran for 94 yards and scored three touchdowns. Additionally, his 114 tackles lead the team in both categories this year. With four consecutive appearances in the state tournament and an opportunity to reach Class AAA title game against DeLaSalle this Friday, Dammermann is sure to continue leading this NLS football program into success.

Dammermann was recently honored with the Memphis Chamber of Commerce’s Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to the local economy. It was an especially fitting honor since he is the founder of Impact Innovations, which recently opened a KBA-Flexotecnica press in Memphis.

Personal Life

John Dammermann is an acclaimed businessman renowned in the hospitality sector. As CEO of TPI Hospitality, which has grown to encompass 40 hotels and convention centers in Minnesota and Florida, John has played a pivotal role in its success; alongside Tom Torgerson, his longtime friend and investment partner.

He and Torgerson are actively working on the Grand Resorts project in Fort Myers Beach, which would include four hotels, a parking garage and pedestrian mall. If approved by local officials, this could be one of 2016’s greatest successes for both men as well as an enormous boost for the local economy.

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