John E Elicker

John E Elicker, Executive Vice President of Investor Relations at Bristol Myers Squibb Co

John E Elicker has served as Executive Vice President of Investor Relations for Bristol Myers Squibb Co. since 2012.

John serves as Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Investor Relations, leading the global communications organization. He focuses on aligning communication around the company’s core business while engaging with investors.

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Professional Career

John Elicker has been a senior executive with Bristol Myers Squibb for more than three decades, serving in various leadership positions throughout his tenure. Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President, Investor Relations & Public Affairs of the company.

In addition to his role at Bristol Myers Squibb, he served as city librarian for several years. He began his tenure with the New Haven Free Public Library as a part-time librarian and eventually rose through the ranks to become its full-time director.

He is now part of Mayor-elect Justin Elicker’s transition team and collaborates with Kia Levey-Burden and Elizabeth Nearing on various policy initiatives both short and long term. One such project includes conducting a community survey that can inform future decisions as well as other initiatives.

Achievements and Honors

He is the Managing Director of the Philadelphia Life Sciences practice at global consulting firm Accenture, where he has worked since 2012. Furthermore, he holds a degree in biochemistry from Penn State University which he earned with distinction.

Elicker is no stranger to politics, having served as a ward leader for former Mayor Toni Harp and president of the borough’s largest business association. Elected to the aldermanic body in 2014, he is currently a member of the Board of Alders with an executive committee seat.

Elicker is the first official candidate in town to officially challenge longtime Mayor John DeStefano this fall. He has announced a team of administrators which includes Scott Jackson – former mayor of Hamden; Dr. Mehul Dalal, community services administrator; and Patricia King, corporation counsel. Furthermore, Mayor Elicker named several other high-profile appointments such as Sean Matteson as chief of staff; Michael Piscitelli as economic development czar; and Michael Gormany as budget director.

Personal Life

John Elicker is an Executive Vice President of Investor Relations & Public Affairs for Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, based in West Chester, PA.

As of 10 March 2020, his estimated net worth is $9.43 million. This sum of money represents a considerable sum and he has amassed an impressive fortune through 33 trades of BMY stock.

John is a member of the SEC and owns 18,407 units of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co stock. Since 2012, he has traded BMY stock an average of 7,534 times every 75 days; his largest trade being 33,715 shares on June 5th 2013 for over $687,449 USD – this number of trades shows how successful John has been at making them.

Net Worth

John Elicker is an Executive Vice President of Investor Relations at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (BMY) and owns 18,407 shares. His first stock trade was on 3 January 2012, and since then he has traded BMY shares 33 times – his largest being 33,715 on June 5, 2013. Over these past 10 years Mr. Elicker has bought and sold BMY stock worth $687,449 worth of BMY shares.

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