John Eldredge Net Worth

John Eldredge Net Worth – Author, Counselor and Teacher

John Eldredge has written numerous books, such as Wild at Heart, Epic, Walking with God, Fathered by God, Waking the Dead and Desire. Additionally, he founded Ransomed Heart in Colorado Springs to assist men find life with God.

He encourages men to rediscover their masculinity through scripture and his writings have great appeal for those who feel that life has passed them by without clear direction or direction in general.

Early Life and Education

John Eldredge is an author, counselor and teacher. Additionally, he serves as president of Ransomed Heart Ministries to help others discover God’s unconditional love for them and live more fully within His kingdom.

After graduating from Cal Poly, where he also directed a theater company, he moved to Colorado and taught at Focus on the Family Institute.

Eldredge often uses Scripture to support his teachings, yet often takes passages out of context and assigns meanings not consistent with their text – something often found within evangelicalism. He often quotes heavily from popular movies like Apollo 13, Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan and The Matrix which violates Bible-inspired interpretation rules.

Professional Career

John Eldredge is an author, counselor, and teacher with extensive experience speaking on Christian themes. Additionally, he is president of Ransomed Heart Ministries which seeks to help men and women discover God’s heart while reconnecting their own hearts to His.

John and Stasi serve together in ministry, traveling across both domestic and international terrain. Together they have three children. John has also directed and performed in numerous theater productions such as Seussical and Billy Elliot.

Wild at Heart offers guidance to men seeking to rediscover their masculinity through Scripture, but often takes passages out of context or makes claims unsupported by biblical exegesis. He cites, for instance, a scene from Clint Eastwood movie in which an escaped convict bonds with an 8-year-old boy by complimenting them on their penis.

Achievement and Honors

Eldredge’s books, such as Wild at Heart and Captivating, are best-selling Christian works. He founded Ransomed Heart Ministries – a fellowship in Colorado Springs designed to help people open up their hearts to God’s love and live within His kingdom – in order to help their hearts recover in this regard.

Eldredge’s ministry focuses on helping men and women discover who they really are and embrace God-given desires. An avid outdoorsman himself, Eldredge enjoys activities such as hiking, fly fishing and horseback riding.

Stasi and Daniel live together with three sons in Colorado Springs. She has held several ministries roles – theatre and crisis pregnancy centers being two examples – while also possessing a master’s degree in counseling, which she frequently draws upon when engaging in spiritual work.

Personal Life

Eldredge encourages men to return to what he refers to as authentic masculinity without resorting to macho-man mentalities. He often quotes passages of Scripture which do not relate to what he’s discussing – often using “loopholes” that would embarrass Jesus when making his points. Garry Gilley notes that sometimes Eldredge uses such verses as tools against Him!

He and Stasi have five children together. His interests include golfing, bird hunting and shooting sporting clays as well as building things such as houses, workshops or aircraft hangars; yet relationships remain of primary concern to him and his family in Colorado.

Net Worth

John Eldredge reportedly has amassed an estimated net worth of about $1.5 Million through his work as an author, counselor and speaker on Christianity.

Dr. Ransomd is also president of Ransomed Heart Ministries, an organization dedicated to helping men and women uncover God’s heart of love for themselves, thereby opening them up to living life with an eye towards building God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Eldredge challenges Christian men to rediscover masculinity “defined in accordance with an all-consuming God,” yet critics assert that his interpretation of Scripture and biblical exegesis are flawed, leading to significant misperceptions about human depravity as well as taking passages out of context and assigning meanings that they don’t possess in the text itself.

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