John Emerick

John Emerick

John Emerick is a well-known figure in finance and business, serving as Chief Financial Officer at Code42. His responsibilities include leading operational initiatives that align the interests of the company with those of its employees.

He has over 15 years of experience in executive roles at technology companies and financial firms. His leadership roles have included corporate development, finance, accounting, strategic acquisitions and treasury management.

Early Life and Education

John Emerick was born on January 27, 1956 in Seattle, Washington to Arthur Emerick and Patricia Dorgan.

He attended Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio before moving to Kosciusko County, Indiana in 2005 where he worked road construction. A lifelong sports fanatic – particularly baseball – he enjoyed watching all kinds of athletics.

His hobbies included tennis, traveling and fishing. He was an enthusiastic supporter of Habitat for Humanity and delighted in being a guest reader at St. Vincent de Paul for several of his grandchildren.

He was predeceased by his parents, Arthur Emerick and Patricia Dorgan. Survived by his wife Theresa Emerick; daughter Briana Hardy with her husband Mike; brother Dave with his wife Sally; and sister Sally Emerick all preceded in death by their parents.

Professional Career

Emerick began his athletic career in Pella as both a wrestler and football player, but ultimately chose rugby as his sport of choice. He was selected for the United States national team and went on to have an illustrious 10-year professional career across Europe.

He has a longstanding career in rugby and is currently part of the Houston SabreCats, an American Major League Rugby (MLR) club. Additionally, he serves as skills coach for Iowa Youth Rugby and Des Moines Rugby Club.

Emerick’s research explores how linguistic ideologies and language policy shape the experiences of emergent bilingual students in career and technical education. He has published in TESOL Quarterly and presented his findings at the American Educational Research Association.

Achievements and Honors

John Emerick was a renowned figure in the construction industry as well as serving in the Army during World War II, earning him a bronze star and other accolades. Despite being a civilian at that time, his devotion to service in the armed forces was unwavering.

Emerick earned recognition during his time as an officer for his skills in accident investigation and the creation of an effective safety program. He even became one of the first police officers in America to receive a firearms instructor credential! Leading his peers towards making Elizabethtown safer places to live and work is truly an accomplishment for this Uxbridge native – yet he hasn’t lost sight of what needs to be done.

Personal Life

Emerick was an acclaimed telegrapher who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Additionally, he established himself as an executive of a leading New York telegraph company during the postbellum era.

Jonathan Emerick was born in 1799 on his family’s farm near Gladdens, Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Andrew and Christena (Heller) Emerick.

The Emerick family lived on their farm tracts until 1850, when the census was taken. Their children included Nathan Emerick, Jacob Emerick, Catherine Troutman, Lydia Beal, Emanuel Emerick, Louisa Korns and Christina Burkett.

John Marlow of San Jose, California wed Peggy Marlow in 1987 and lived in Sherman, Texas until 2006. He had a passion for sports – especially Sherman High School and Grayson County baseball – which led him to support both organizations avidly.

Net Worth

John Emerick was previously the CFO for two rapidly expanding SaaS companies, Code42 and CyberGrants. Most recently he joined Total Expert, a CRM and customer experience platform for financial institutions, as its Chief Financial Officer.

He boasts over three decades of financial leadership experience, with expertise in strategy, finance and operations. In 2022 he plans to help the company maintain and expand its leadership position within its industry, according to Total Expert.

Emerick has held his position at Total Expert since 1997 and is also an avid investor in Fair Isaac and Company (the stock traded under the ticker FICO). His holdings of FICO total over 3 million shares.

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