John Emling

John Emling

John Emling is a White House assistant and legislative strategist with experience on Capitol Hill. Additionally, he has extensive expertise in the private sector.

He currently serves as Chief Government Affairs Officer for the Investment Company Institute, leading their outreach to Congress and other policymakers on financial services, tax, pension, and other matters affecting regulated funds and their more than 100 million investors.

Early Life and Education

John Emling was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1921 and spent his early years there growing up and attending school. Later he relocated to Jackson, Mississippi.

He was the son of Ed and Jane Emling and had four children.

His parents instilled in him a deep-felt respect and admiration for Mississippi and its people, while emphasizing the value of preserving Mississippi’s cultural heritage.

He worked as a filmmaker for several years, producing television series The Mississippi and Beulah Land that were shot there. Additionally, he directed the Film Office for three years. Throughout his career, he received several awards. Nowadays he serves as Chief Government Affairs Officer at Investment Company Institute; an organization representing regulated funds around the world including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and closed-end funds alike.

Professional Career

John Emling has been a registered lobbyist since 2012 and has extensive experience as a government affairs executive for companies like Broadcom Inc. and Citigroup Management Corp.

His most recent position was as managing director for federal government affairs at Citi. In this role, he was accountable for the company’s legislative and regulatory advocacy in Washington DC.

Mark has extensive experience, having served as both a White House deputy assistant and special assistant for legislative affairs during the Bush administration. Additionally, he was previously Chief of Staff to Representative Eric Cantor and Senate Republican Policy Committee member. Mark’s credentials and insider knowledge make him an invaluable addition to RILA team – we look forward to seeing him on Capitol Hill in years ahead!

Achievements and Honors

Emling, as former director of the Mississippi Film Office, witnessed firsthand the benefits of big budget film production and its effect on building the state economy. He played a significant role in helping restore Mississippi’s film destination status as well, bringing in over 100 films annually and drawing in hundreds of thousands of visitors to Canton. Best known for bringing $40 million A Time to Kill to Canton back in 1994, Emling still works with his alma mater – University of Southern Mississippi – serving in that capacity today.

Emling has enjoyed a storied career in Washington, but at heart he is a Mississippian. He still makes frequent trips home and has an affinity for New Orleans – the state’s culinary mecca.

Personal Life

John Emling has an unbreakable affinity for Mississippi, whether he’s in Jackson or Tokyo. He attributes his father Ed’s enthusiasm towards the state for inspiring him to explore this part of America.

Emling made his first foray into celebrity when he signed on as an extra for “Huckleberry Finn.” Though unaware at the time, this experience marked one of his earliest steps towards fame.

He is now a director at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and an active participant in the National Association of College and University Business Officers. Additionally, he serves on the boards of both Mississippi Business Ethics Forum and Mississippi State University Foundation.

He’s a fan of the TV show “Tales from the Crypt.” Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic supporter of nuclear energy. Additionally, he has written several books, including a biography on Marie Curie and her daughters.

Net Worth

John Emling has an estimated net worth of $800,000. He serves as Chief Government Affairs Officer for the Investment Company Institute, leading their outreach to Congress and policymakers on financial services, tax, pension, and other regulatory funds issues. With extensive experience in federal government affairs from his time working at Broadcom Inc.’s head of government relations division to Citi’s managing director for federal government affairs division, Emling brings a wealth of knowledge to bear on these matters.

He is a native of Mississippi, with both his parents Ed and Jane Emling working in government. His passion for his native state has been passed down through generations, serving as inspiration in all that he does. When traveling elsewhere, he often shares about Mississippi’s impact on both our nation and beyond with others.

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