John Epting

John Epting, 72, Died Today at a Lincoln Hospital

According to a report from the Nebraska Department of Corrections, 72-year old John Epting passed away today at a Lincoln hospital. He had been serving a 25-40 year sentence out of Lincoln County for charges including manslaughter and first degree assault.

His death occurred despite having a medical condition, and as required by law when an inmate passes away while in custody, a grand jury will be convened to investigate the circumstances.

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Professional Career

John Epping has won a Grand Slam title and competed in two Olympic trials. As skipper of Team Ontario, he will represent Canada at next year’s 2022 Olympic curling trials.

In November 2015, he came out to his family, teammates and the curling community as gay. His declaration was met with overwhelming support from fans and parents alike.

He received many calls and emails from other LGBTQ athletes who wanted to discuss their struggles with him. Many shared that they had difficulty confiding in friends or families, so they sought his advice for handling such situations.

He is passionate about supporting the LGBTQ community, both within his sport and beyond. He hopes to serve as a role model and demonstrate that a career in men’s team sport can be highly beneficial for someone who is gay.

Achievements and Honors

John Epping has achieved great success in curling. He was a member of multiple world and Canadian championship teams, earning himself numerous awards along the way.

He earned the CBC Sportsman of the Year Award in 2012, while his team won the Canada Cup that same year.

He is also the brand ambassador for Lulu Lemon and an active philanthropist. Most importantly, he is a proud father to two children and proud grandfather to four grandchildren.

He has represented Canada two times – in 2008 and 2018. His rink is currently ranked seventh worldwide.

Personal Life

John Epping is an enthusiastic curler and member of the Canadian Curling Association. He is openly gay, making him history as the first high-level curler to come out in North America.

He was raised in Peterborough, Ontario and attended Trent University where he played on the curling team. In 2017, he married Thomas Shipton.

His grandfather founded the Ennismore Curling Club, located near his hometown, and his mother is an enthusiastic curler as well.

Curling stands out among other sports due to its family-oriented atmosphere and strong sense of community among players. That’s why he feels proud to be an example of inclusivity as the first high-level curler to come out openly gay.

In his personal life, he’s enjoying a summer of golf at his cottage with his wife and their beloved Spanish water dog. Later this month they plan to travel to Las Vegas for an exciting event.

Net Worth

John Epping’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million, largely due to his successful career as a curler.

John Epting, born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, started playing junior curling in 2004. That year he won the Ontario Junior championship with a 7-3 record and also took home gold at the 2007 Canadian Junior Curling Championship with an impressive 6-4 score.

After a brief stint with Nick Rizzo, Epping joined Wayne Middaugh’s rink in 2008. While with Middaugh’s team, Epping won his first Grand Slam – the 2008 National. In 2010, Epping left Middaugh to form his own squad and this season they have qualified for both Tim Hortons Brier and Tim Hortons Curling Trials with an impressive 6-2 record.

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