John Felts

John Felts

John Felts is a clean comedian that delivers real, funny one-of-a-kind perspectives on dating, marriage, parenting and American culture. He enjoys making a wide variety of audiences laugh while staying true to his core values and beliefs.

He is the co-founder of Cruz Foam, which produces bio-benign foam and eco-friendly alternative packaging solutions that power key industry leaders to be the catalyst for a cleaner environment. He is also a US Patent holder in the area of electric mobility and EV charging technologies.

Early Life and Education

John Felts was born on October 20, 1859, in Burlington, Vermont. He was the third of four sons.

He was educated at public school and graduated from college in 1879. He married a woman from Liberty, Kentucky, named Anna Reddick in 1888.

Holt, an advocate for education reform, wrote a number of books about the problems he saw in American schools. He also advocated homeschooling and unschooling, which is an approach to education that doesn’t involve a formal curriculum.

He was a preacher who believed the Bible to be God’s word and preached it with passion and conviction. Many souls were led to Christ through his preaching. He loved to share his faith with others and made each service memorable. He also enjoyed traveling and visiting historical sites.

Professional Career

The first in his family to earn a college degree, john felts has been a jack of all trades since day one. His scalacity has served him well in the thorny field of public policy, politics, and philanthropy. He is an expert at the art of persuasion and has a keen interest in the world around him. A bourbon enthusiast, Felts can often be found in the company of his wife, Courtney, and their two young sons. Amongst his many accolades is an award for the best customer service in the state of North Carolina.

Whether you’re looking to entertain clients, woo the ladies or score some kudos from your boss, John is your man. Taking the time to learn about your needs and delivering results with style is one of his best kept secrets.

Achievements and Honors

John Felts is the CEO and cofounder of Cruz Foam, a startup company developing an environmentally friendly surfboard foam. He and his advisor, Marco Rolandi, a UCSC associate professor of electrical engineering, have developed a way to use chitin – a natural polymer found in shrimp shells – as an alternative to the polyurethane and polystyrene foams that are used in most surfboards.

During his graduate studies, Felts became passionate about the environment and decided to do something about it. He teamed up with his advisor and fellow UCSC students to launch Cruz Foam, a startup that is part of the Santa Cruz Accelerates program run by Santa Cruz Works.

Personal Life

john felts is an experienced stand-up comedian who performs for churches, schools, businesses and charities in Eastern North Carolina. He delivers real, funny, one-of-a-kind perspectives on dating, marriage, parenting and American culture.

He says his favorite food is Nashville-style fried chicken, which inspired him to open Hot Cluckers on Sunshine Street in Springfield. He has plans to expand his restaurant business in the future.

He owns several restaurants in the Ozarks, including Hot Cluckers, Bourbon & Beale and Taco Habitat LLC. He is also the owner of Cruz Foam, a bio-benign foam company that produces alternative packaging solutions.

Net Worth

john felts is a businessman who has a net worth of about $1 million. He mainly makes money through his YouTube channel where he shares videos with his long-time girlfriend, Karin DeStilo.

He also has an extensive social media following and is very private about his personal life. This has helped him amass a large net worth throughout his career.

Felts has been able to make his way into the public eye because of his role in the Watergate scandal. Now, his family is seeking to cash in on his fame by selling a memoir or film.

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