John Flahive

John Flahive – A Man of the People

John Flahive is a lawyer and an expert in medical malpractice. He has more than 20 years of trial practice and he has tried more than 100 cases in state court.

He has also been involved in many other types of litigation. He is a partner at Morrison Mahoney.

Early Life and Education

John Flahive was born in Malden, Massachusetts. He was the son of Charles W. Flahive and the late Gloria C. He was also the brother of Charles W. Jr. and Melissa of Maine; and Laure A. (Wiik) of Massachusetts.

He was a proud father and grandfather of many. He was a lifelong sports fan and enjoyed traveling and camping in North and South America.

John recently served as the president of the Student Senate for the university. He views his victory in the election with optimism and believes that it will lead to important developments in student-administration relations.

Professional Career

Having spent the better part of two decades in the trenches as an attorney, John has a well deserved kudos for being a good ole boy to his clients. His high profile clients include accounting firms, beauty salons, country clubs, manufacturers, nursing homes and professional services firms. He is also an avid golfer and has an impressive list of trophies to his credit. While he may not be as big a philanthropist as his colleagues, he certainly has a well deserved love and appreciation for the men and women who make his work a home. The best part? He is a man of the people and makes time for a few rounds with his beloved wife.

Achievements and Honors

John Flahive, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, was a well-known figure in his home state. He received a lot of accolades and awards during his career, including the Austin Business Journal’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the Laura Kilcrease Community Business Leadership Award from the University of Texas at Austin Technology Incubator. He was also awarded the honor of being named a Texas Legend by the American Electronics Association and the recipient of the Neil Kocurek Legacy Award for Community Stewardship from the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

The university also recognized his contributions with a series of honors and accolades, such as the aforementioned Men’s Scholar-Athlete Award. The aforementioned award was the newest addition to the prestigious list and is awarded to students whose accomplishments in the classroom are matched by their achievements on the field.

Personal Life

John flahive was a proud dad and husband who was always there for his children. He also enjoyed sports, including hockey. He played on many youth teams in the Boston area and enjoyed coaching several hockey and soccer teams throughout the years.

Flahive and his co-writer, Erivo Mensch, met as young playwrights at the Ars Nova theater in New York City. After meeting, they formed a writing partnership that eventually led to their creation of the Netflix comedy series “GLOW.” Based on a real television show called The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the show featured women who demolished each other in choreographed matches wearing vibrant leotards and teased hair. The show garnered a slew of Emmy nominations and wins. However, the show’s fourth season was canceled by Netflix in October 2020.

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