John Gillie

John Gillie – A Biography

John Gillie is an American singer best known for his involvement with R&B group New Edition and solo projects. Born on May 22, 1966, he has achieved success both professionally and personally.

He was born in Washington, DC to a musically-inclined family and began singing at the age of five as part of an gospel music group.

Early Life and Education

John was raised in Liverpool and attended Quarry Bank School, one of Liverpool’s top schools. Here he often competed for first place awards.

He became an avid reader, inquisitng into history, mythology and literature. Additionally, he devoured many travel books.

His daughter Maggie remembers him playing the violin with the Kansas City Community Orchestra when he was older, pursuing his passion regardless of age.

John prioritized his family as both husband and father. He instilled lifelong learning into his children, as well as encouraging them to become independent and contented individuals. As such, John remains a beloved figure in the lives of his loved ones today.

Professional Career

John Gillies had an illustrious professional career in academia, business and politics. He was one of the founders of York University’s business school – now known as the Schulich School of Management – which continues to this day to remain an influential presence within those fields.

He created an MBA program that integrated public, private and non-profit sectors as well as a leadership MBA and part-time MBA option. Furthermore, he introduced the “strategy study component,” in which students had to present a report to real company executives.

His son Ted remembers him as an accomplished fundraiser, raising half a million dollars for the school which still draws donations today from business leaders. His outgoing personality and charm also had something special about him that others appreciated; they often complimented on how well-spoken he could be when speaking.

Achievements and Honors

John was an esteemed and successful businessman. His enthusiasm for both business and community was contagious, leading to leadership roles with the Jaycees organization.

He had an extensive professional career in the insurance industry. He began at MSI Insurance in January 1990 and quickly rose through the ranks to Sales Support Specialties, Corporate Trainer, District Sales Manager and Regional Sales Manager.

He co-founded First Insurance Solutions in 2006 and, aside from his work, loved spending time with his family. Especially, he enjoyed watching his daughters compete in basketball and golf. All who knew him will deeply miss him; those who knew him best will remember him for his generosity and zest for life.

Personal Life

John was an amazing husband, father, and grandfather. His love of family was infectious and he had an infectious sense of humor. Additionally, John enjoyed playing basketball and was a beloved friend to many.

He was an ardent Princetonian and an excellent scholar, proud of his accomplishments and contributions to the class.

When not studying, he enjoyed playing golf, metal detecting in the field and spending time with his grandson Kyle. Additionally, he dedicated much of his free time to encouraging others about estate planning and encouraging them to make it part of their financial plans.

John attended Louisiana State University, earning both his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and masters in finance. Subsequently, he worked for Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor for over thirty years in various engineering and management capacities.

Net Worth

Johnny Gill is an acclaimed American R&B singer with an estimated net worth of $10 million.

He has been a well-known singer for years, and he enjoys an avid following around the globe due to his hard work and success in life.

Success in your career can open the doors to so much more in life, so it’s essential that you prioritize taking time and doing the right things.

He started from the bottom of the barrel, but he made the right decision and worked hard to achieve success. Now, he is one of the world’s most beloved celebrities.

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