John Hansford

John Hansford

John Hansford is a well-known dentist in pediatric dentistry with an additional specialty in dental anesthesia.

He has earned both residency and board certification in these fields, with a specialization in treating complex medically phobic patients as well as those requiring general anesthesia or sedation to address their dental needs.

Early Life and Education

John Hansford immigrated to Texas from Glasgow, Kentucky in 1835. He settled near Jonesville in Harrison County and eventually served as District Court Judge of the Seventh District.

He was the victim of the Regulator-Moderator War, an East Texas feud that started in Shelby and Harrison counties in 1839-1841 and spread into neighboring counties. This conflict was between two self-appointed vigilante groups known as The Regulators and Moderators.

This area served as a haven for outlaws and fugitives, leading to lawless conditions. Ultimately, the conflict culminated in civil war, with many victims lost.

In 1893, John Willingham – a nephew of William Hansford – began managing a ranch in the Panhandle for The Hansford Company. Later on, he resigned from their employment to manage his own properties in New Mexico.

Professional Career

Hansford earned two vice-champion titles in 250cc road racing at the World Championships, and also competed in Australian touring car championships from 1982 to 1994.

He began his professional career in 1974 when he rode a Yamaha TZ750 in the Daytona 200 with friend Warren Willing as his mechanic.

In 1976, he joined Team Kawasaki Australia (TKA) as its official test and race driver, quickly making himself the number one pin-up boy of motorcycle racing, winning more races than any other rider.

He also excelled as a team player, always willing to lend a helping hand and support other riders and his teammates, even when he wasn’t participating in their race. His teammates praised his sense of humour, ability to take jokes, and competitive spirit.

Achievements and Honors

John Hansford earned a wealth of honors throughout his life. As an esteemed physician and farmer, he served as president of both Augusta Medical Society (in 1944) and Augusta Hospital Corporation (1960). Additionally, John was a member of the American Medical Association, Southern Medical Association, World Medical Association, as well as Greencroft Club.

He was born in the Texas Panhandle and settled in Hutchinson County. Additionally, he served as judge, leading the charge to move the county seat from Hansford to Spearman.

Personal Life

John Hansford was an accomplished motor-racing driver renowned for his charismatic personality and genuine friendliness towards people, which fostered a strong connection with fans.

He had a profound love of the sport. Tragically, on March 5, 1995 he tragically passed away from a car crash at Phillip Island in Australia.

His letters and photographs are featured in an exhibition at Washington University’s Special Collections Library entitled “Love Letters and Other Reminiscences,” which showcases a range of materials related to love throughout history. From poetry and romantic comics, to dance cards and heartbreak, this exhibit tells stories of true affection.

Net Worth

John Hansford, my great-great-great-grandfather, owned an expansive 2,170 acres in York County, Virginia. As a planter and farmer, he farmed Felgate’s Creek along the James River.

He owned and operated a sawmill west of Union on Sebastopol Road. Additionally, there was a house and church situated on his property.

His second wife was Emma A. Freeman, and together they had three children: Robert Percy Hansford who married Biddie Smith; Susan Lucille Hansford; and Omri “Jack” Hansford who was mentally handicapped and did not marry.

On September 5, 2017 at the age of 93, he passed away and his body was donated for scientific study. Here is a detailed account of his estimated net worth, salary, cars, lifestyle and more.

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