John Heinmiller

John Heinmiller is an Independent Director of Teleflex Inc

John Heinmiller is an independent director of Teleflex Inc and holds approximately 1,250 units worth over $356,250 in Teleflex stock.

Heinmiller is an executive vice president of St Jude Medical Inc. He joined the company in 1996 and held various senior management roles until being promoted to executive vice president in 2017.

Heinmiller served as CEO of St. Jude Medical during a time of rapid expansion. Under his direction, the Little Canada-based company has seen its revenue skyrocket to $5.5 billion with 16,000 employees.

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Professional Career

John Heinmiller has over 23 years of financial management and reporting expertise for public companies. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA), with an MBA from Drexel University, he currently serves as Executive Vice President at St. Jude Medical, a global medical device company.

John has an impressive business portfolio that includes a diverse mix of publicly traded stocks. His net worth, according to his website, is estimated at $20 Million. His holdings include 237,211 shares of St. Jude Medical stock worth over $19 Million as well as Teleflex – an award-winning medical technology company producing surgical solutions for healthcare practitioners – and Fairview Health Services – an expansive hospital system headquartered in Minnesota.

Achievements and Honors

Heinmiller was an exemplary high school athlete and honor student who graduated from Eden Prairie (Minn.) High School in 2000, earning the Scott Ryski Award as their top varsity hockey player. As a plebe he also played one game for the Army hockey team. Tragically on April 2, 2001 Heinmiller tragically perished in a train accident while standing on railroad tracks near Garrison, N.Y. Heinmiller was known for his hard work ethic and always did his best to assist teammates whenever possible.

Heinmiller is a doctor and has earned the Patients’ Choice 5-year Honoree for his impressive patient satisfaction ratings. A board-certified adolescent and pediatrician with offices throughout Ohio, Heinmiller has been honored five years in a row by his patients – an accolade only given to 1% of all physicians across America.

Personal Life

John Heinmiller initially intended to pursue a career as an engineer, but changed course after failing his first required drawing class at college. Instead of continuing down this path, he pursued a career in business which proved just what he needed.

Heinmiller joined St Jude Medical in 1996, rising through its finance department to eventually become its executive vice president and chief financial officer. Along with CEO Dan Starks, they guided the med-tech giant through its rapid growth period: they negotiated and executed 17 acquisitions with aggregate purchase prices of nearly $9 billion which helped boost revenue from $1 billion to $5.5 billion. Today he serves as an independent director at Teleflex Inc.

Net Worth

John C Heinmiller is an executive VP and CFO at St Jude Medical Inc, with a net worth of $754 thousand dollars. He owns 237,211 shares of St Jude stock as well as Teleflex Inc (TFX). On March 7th 2019 he purchased 1,250 units for $356,250 on TFX stock; making 208 trades since 2019, at an average daily rate of 0.02 per day; trading 2,600 shares over 4 years to become part owner of Teleflex as of 7 March 2019. TFX stock has a market cap of $10 billion while its revenue comes in at $1,080 million annually.

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