John Kerrane

John Kerrane Dies at the Age of 78

Kerrane, a New Hyde Park resident, is running for re-election to the board of education against Katherine Bannon. She said she wants to continue building on the successes made so far with program expansion, administration hiring including principals and a superintendent, as well as transparency with stakeholders in the district.

Kerrane holds a degree in physical education and sport science, as well as experience with research, teaching and administration.

Early Life and Education

Children (ages three to eight) are entirely dependent on their adult caregivers during this period, which makes these years critical in a child’s development and can have lasting impacts on their eventual success in life.

Early childhood education encompasses a range of activities designed to stimulate cognitive and social development in preschoolers before they enter kindergarten. While some programs emphasize academic readiness, others take an integrated approach that prioritizes mental and emotional readiness.

In addition to academic classes that focus on teaching methods, many schools also provide courses that address the psychosocial aspects of early learning. Through these seminars, students gain an understanding of why play is so important and how it can be utilized as a teaching aid.

Achievements and Honors

Kerrane was an influential sportswriter, known for his insightful articles and books such as “Dollar Sign” (1984) and “The Good Samaratin'” (1997) that explore the challenges and rewards of finding great players. Additionally, he contributed numerous articles for ESPN. Kerrane’s book, “Scouting for Success: The Art and Science of Building a Successful Team,” draws upon his experience as a literature professor and his understanding of the baseball draft process to examine Branch Rickey’s career path as he built up the great Dodger farm system. His book offers fascinating insights such as an examination of “the good face” in scouting as well as insights into scouts’ pre-draft discussions.

On February 12th, 2018 at the age of 78, he passed away.

Personal Life

John Kerrane, a sports science and physical education graduate, is well-versed in coaching and administration. He has served on the Irish Sports Council (renamed Sport Ireland in 2015) Board for over two decades as Director of Research. During this time he has played an instrumental role in formulating Sport Ireland’s strategy over the past ten years; chairing Age & Opportunity Covid-19 Stakeholder Group 2020 as well as serving on CORU (Regulator of Health & Social Care Professionals) Physiotherapy Registration Board since 2012.

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