John Logar

John Logar

John Logar is an esteemed speaker, trainer and internet consultant in social media management, niche marketing, lead generation and business development. As founder of Consulting Unleashed – an agency that assists digital marketing agencies and consultants with growing their businesses – John has gained unparalleled expertise.

He has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers and agencies to break free of their own limitations and build the businesses they desire. Tune in to hear more about this wildly successful entrepreneur as well as how you can grow your agency too!

Early Life and Education

John Logar was born on the month day 1914 in his birthplace of Pennsylvania to Franz Logar and Maria (Konig) Logar.

On March 12th, 1935 at age 21, he married Angeline Marie Klemencic in Pennsylvania at her marriage place. They had 9 children: Angeline Marie (born Logar), Sigrid (born Curtiss), Mary, Frank, Francis, John, Joseph, Charles and Frances.

He was a board-certified emergency medicine specialist who practices at Davis Memorial Hospital Hsptlst in Elkins, West Virginia and affiliated with Davis Medical Center and Washoe County Hospital.

Professional Career

John Logar’s professional career straddles the science-engineering divide. He has extensive expertise in sterilization of medical devices, as well as radiation processing and dosimetry.

He currently holds the position of Manager, Sterilization Science and Technology for Ethicon Inc., a Johnson and Johnson company located in Somerville, N.J. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Rowan University in Glassboro, N.J.

John has taken on a new role as Leadership Consultant, traveling to prospective campuses around the country to help them start chapters of Pi Kappa Phi. His goal is to share his expertise and build connections with men on these campuses in an effort to help them become better leaders and people – something he finds incredibly enjoyable! Best of all, John has made some wonderful friends along the way!

Achievements and Honors

John Logar, manager of Sterilization Science and Technology (research and development) at Ethicon Inc. in Somerville, NJ, had extensive experience as a quality assurance and process improvement expert when he retired from the military in 2009. A lifelong resident of Little Falls and member of both Canvasback Club and Master Mason, John enjoyed traveling around the world with his family throughout his career; he is survived by his wife Sigrid. Despite his age, John remained energetic and active – especially enjoying fishing – with an infectious sense of humor to match. He never shied away from a challenge either!

Personal Life

John Logar is a medical doctor currently practicing emergency medicine in Elkins, West Virginia. He is affiliated with Davis Memorial Hospital Hsptlst and can be reached via phone or email.

He enjoys running, biking and spending time outdoors in his free moments. Additionally, he loves to travel and discover new places.

Over his career, he has held various leadership roles for numerous organizations. Additionally, he is a proud member of Pi Kappa Phi and has raised funds for causes such as Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind and Gear Up Florida. Furthermore, he participated in 2021 Journey of Hope North Route where he achieved top fundraising status for the year. Most importantly, he is proud father to two daughters.

Net Worth

John Logar is a speaker, trainer and consultant who specializes in helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their own consulting businesses. With an incredible seven figure success record to his credit, his stories of inspiration are truly motivating. Listen as John shares the principles he’s developed over his career to show you how to take your own venture to new heights. You’ll also discover some of his most effective scaling strategies that can be applied across any industry.

John enjoys running, biking and yoga in his free time. He also likes to travel and discover new places while collecting records. With an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars that has grown over his career, John continues to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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