John Marman

John Marman – A Turf Industry Legend

A great example of someone who has made a tremendous impact on the world, John Marman is an incredible figure. He’s earned many awards, honors, and accolades in his lifetime, and his accomplishments have made him a very successful professional. His story, though, is much more than just a professional’s success. Read on to find out about his early life and education, his achievements, and his personal life.

Early Life and Education

The Marmans’ story began in a small town in Hungary, where John Marman came to the United States in 1907. He had saved up for the trip, and in 1907 he arrived in Mansfield, California. As an apprentice to a local barbershop, he worked for several years without pay. After getting his journeyman papers, he decided to quit his job in Mansfield.

John Marman went to college at the University of California, Riverside. While he was in college, he was mentored by Barry Mohon, a former head coach at West Point. Later, John was a coach at Pacific High School. His wife and three children also attended the school.

John Marman was a loving father and grandfather. He and his wife, Madonna, had three children. They had one son and two daughters. Their children all graduated from four-year colleges in California, with all three of their children gaining degrees.

Professional Career

A man of many talents, John Marman was a dedicated and devoted father and grandfather. He was a former football coach, and his ties to College of the Desert go back to the early 1980s when he led the school to its first Southern California Bowl conference title. The College of the Desert alumni association is named in his honor, as is a pedestrian bridge over the Civic Center Park. Throughout his career, he led more than a dozen clubs and sports venues.

As a professional, he worked on projects such as natural grass projects in Singapore, and served on the Executive Committee of the Golf Course Builders Association of America. He was also a member of the Sports Field Managers Association.

Achievements and Honors

The first thing to know about John Marman is that he was a man of many talents. He managed to hold down a job at West Coast Turf for nearly two decades. During his tenure he served in numerous positions including regional sales manager and vice president of marketing. His biggest accomplishment was leading the company’s sales force to success.

Another noteworthy accomplishment was launching a women’s sports program at COD. One of the most memorable moments for the Marman family occurred when the lights went out over the college football field. Not surprisingly, his daughter recollects the event with fondness.

Marman was also a member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association. This group is a trade association for the industry. Marman was on the board of directors. In addition to his work in golf, he also coached several other sports at the collegiate level.

Personal Life

John Marman’s personal life was filled with love and happiness. He was a loving father, grandfather, and brother. Before he died, he was also the vice president of sales and marketing at West Coast Turf.

Upon graduating from the University of California, Riverside, he landed a job at West Coast Turf, where he worked for 27 years. In his free time, he loved to travel and dance. He was married to the late Madonna and had three children.

He was a great leader. During his time as a college coach, he coached ten different sports. His teams won the Southern California Bowl conference title in 1986.

As an executive, he was a member of the Sports Field Managers Association, the Golf Course Superintendents Association, and the California Landscape Contractors Association. Among his many community and charitable contributions, he was a board trustee of College of the Desert, a member of the Palms and Pines Rotary Club, a member of the COD Alumni Association, and chair of the Palms and Pines Golf Association.

Net Worth

Among the many high profile movers and shakers circling the turf turf circle of oblivion, John Marman is perhaps not a household name yet, although his tidbits of trivia will make for interesting reading. Marman holds the title of Vice President of Sales and Marketing of West Coast Turf in San Francisco, California. He has been in the turf industry for over a decade and his company’s most egregious missteps are largely attributed to a bad case of hubris. The one man show is a lil’ tough to crack, especially given the fact that he is the son of a former CEO, and has had to deal with the likes of his former bosses. To top it off, he has a family to tend to, a wife, and a toddler whose only interest is in the great outdoors.

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