John McQuown

John McQuown

John McQuown is an entrepreneur and one of the pioneers behind equity index funds, having created them in 1994. He continues to contribute his expertise as a member of Dimensional Fund Advisors LP’s board of directors.

His life took an interesting turn when he was introduced to corporate finance in college. Encouraged by two of his fraternity brothers, he took the class and was instantly hooked.

Early Life and Education

John McQuown was born on April 15, 1745 in Somerset County, New Jersey to William McQuown and Sarah Helm.

His father was a member of the New Jersey Blues and served in the French and Indian War. Tragically, his mother passed away in 1760.

Following the war, John and his family relocated to Berwick, Columbia County. During the Revolutionary War they were attacked by Indians and forcibly evacuated the area.

McQuown often corresponded with Dale Morgan, a professor of history at Utah State University who had worked on the Works Progress Administration Federal Writers’ Project, during the 1930s and 1940s. They discussed the work of some of Utah’s renowned historians such as Fawn M. Brodie, Juanita Brooks, and Bernard DeVoto through their correspondence.

Professional Career

John McQuown has had an illustrious career in finance and business. He is widely recognized as being an innovator of index funds, as well as having created what is widely considered to be the first “passive” investment strategy ever devised.

He co-founded Dimensional Fund Advisors, KMV and Diversified Credit Investments (DCI).

In 1989 he was honored as one of CME Group’s Melamed-Arditti Innovation Award honorees. Additionally, he is an ardent wine enthusiast and owns Stone Edge Vineyard and Stone Edge Farm Winery in Sonoma County, California.

McQuown is an acclaimed visionary in the world of finance. He has made several noteworthy contributions to this field, such as creating a revolutionary corporate bond that incorporates a centrally-cleared Credit Default Swap. Furthermore, McQuown is passionate about environmental causes and believes in the power of individuals to make a difference.

Achievements and Honors

John McQuown is an acclaimed entrepreneur who has established and built successful companies in financial services, technology, and California fine wine. For his accomplishments, John has received numerous awards and honors.

He began his professional life on Wall Street in 1961, working for Smith Barney & Co. In 1964 he was recruited by Wells Fargo Bank of San Francisco to serve as director of their internal think tank.

He co-founded Dimensional Fund Advisors in 1981, pioneering “second generation” equity funds. Additionally, he co-founded KMV, a renowned credit analytic firm and Diversified Credit Investments which manages “super diversified high Sharpe ratio” portfolios of corporate credit risk for major financial institutions worldwide.

Personal Life

John McGquown is an entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the financial world. He co-founded KMV, Diversified Credit Investments (DCI) and Dimensional Fund Advisors, all successful businesses today.

His accomplishments are many and include the invention of index funds. Additionally, he and his wife Leslie have donated to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in honor of Eugene Fama – a renowned faculty member and longtime business associate who served as McQuown’s mentor.

He manages Stone Edge Farm in Sonoma County, Calif. and enjoys a variety of interests such as art, astronomy and marine biology. Additionally, his family and he have been active participants in charitable works.

Net Worth

John McQuown’s net worth is believed to be in the millions. The entrepreneur has made significant contributions to finance, such as index funds, credit analysis and sustainable agriculture. He founded KMV – a quantitative credit analysis company; Dimensional Fund Advisors (for which he serves on the board); and Stone Edge Farm Estate Vineyards in Sonoma County, California. Outside work he enjoys many interests such as art and music. Married to Leslie with two children in tow, McQuown made a generous donation in 2008 to honor Eugene Fama at University of Chicago Booth School of Business (USCBOTB).

He is an iconic figure in finance and has had a profound effect on investing.

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