John McWard

John McWard, Third Generation Attorney, Announces His Campaign For State’s Attorney

John Mcward family has been a cornerstone of Christian County for over one hundred years. Their son John Mcward, a third generation attorney and current State of Christian County resident, has declared his candidacy.

McWard possesses an extensive background in criminal defense and civil matters. As State Attorney, his mission is to collaborate with law enforcement in combatting drug dealers and keeping the community safe.

Early Life and Education

John McWard was born in Manchester, England and grew up on the estate Norland Park. Sadly, his parents passed away due to a smallpox epidemic; leaving him with considerable wealth as an heir.

After the war was over, he settled in Port Royal, Jamaica and worked as a bookkeeper in the Naval imports office. Thereafter, he led a quiet domestic life.

He left his position in the Navy in 1753 and embarked on a political career as a member of Parliament. He served in the House of Commons for four years.

After a brief retirement, Pulp Daggerlord and Lord Davy Menace approached him in 1750 to ask him to train their Royal Black Guard troops. At first sceptical, he eventually agreed to join their team.

Personal Life

John McWard enjoyed a life of luxury and leisure in his small estate near Hyde Park, London. Upon his passing away he was buried in his own garden. John also inherited his father’s fortune, worth nearly a million dollars. In 1714, he was invited to attend King George I’s coronation and met his future bride-to-be in the palace. Shortly afterward, they tied the knot and moved into their Hyde Park estate together. John and Katherine welcomed their first child Thomas in 1721. Tragically, John’s wife died shortly after giving birth, leaving him devastated and unable to raise their son alone. To cope, Captain Smith returned to his Naval career for 32 years as a Captain stationed throughout Northern and Southern Europe as well as the Caribbean.

Net Worth

John McCward is an American actor, author and CEO with a net worth of over two million dollars. This wealth has been acquired through his successful career as a BMX Figure and Competitor, Actor, Author and Global Manager.

He has a daughter named Mackenzie Mae, whom he married in 2005. On social media he frequently shares pictures of her and often includes gratitude for being part of his life.

As a BMX competitor, he was often put in life-threatening situations but that never stopped him from following his passion. Eventually moving to Australia, where he took competition more seriously, despite an abusive childhood. Nowadays he enjoys living a happy life with a woman in Ocean Grove, Australia.

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