John Moa

The Life of John Moa

The Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA) is moving its 10,000 square foot headquarters from Englewood Civic Center to Greenwood Village. As MOA adjusts to life outside its old location, it also redefines itself as a “museum without walls.”

Madden Leitner founded the museum with her parents, Colorado developer John W. Madden and Marjorie Madden in 1982.

Early Life and Education

John moa’s early life and education were difficult. He was raised by a poor family with limited formal educational opportunities.

He was raised in Shaoshan, Hunan province and attended a local primary school. Although he was deeply influenced by Confucianism’s teachings, he found them lacking and began drawing upon western literature for political ideas.

He then taught Latin school to earn tuition fees for Harvard College, entering at age 15 a year older than most students and earning his bachelor’s degree in 1755. He is credited with revolutionizing how Harvard was administered and creating an innovative curriculum which continues to be utilized today. Furthermore, he served as the first president of Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Professional Career

John Moa has been in the finance, law and accounting professions for over four decades. During his time at the top he held roles such as assistant principal accountant, associate principal accountant, principal at a highly successful CPA firm and most recently senior partner of a national sized public accounting firm. Outside the office he enjoys life with family, philanthropy and volunteering – earning him both first and last recipient of its coveted award.

He is the founder and CEO of a small business that specializes in financial planning for high net worth individuals. This firm is an active participant in both the Financial Services Forum and its predecessor organization, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). Furthermore, he enjoys fishing and outdoor activities avidly.

Achievements and Honors

John was an illustrious individual throughout his life. He served in the Air Force, was an art collector, and had a deep friendship with many.

He was an active participant in the Lions Club and served on various boards. Additionally, he earned both the Melvin Jones Fellow Award and State Department of Optometry Lifetime Member recognition.

He was awarded the ABA Senior Lawyers Division Award in recognition of his lifetime accomplishments, dedication to pro bono services, commitment to equal justice for all, and promotion of ethical and professional standards in the legal profession. His legacy will be carried on through his daughter; for more information about this honor click here.

Personal Life

John Moa was a dedicated family man, gifted musician and true friend. In addition to his passion for sports and shopping, John also enjoyed travelling.

He enjoyed performing at weddings and quinceaneras in his free time, with a particular fondness for Tejano music.

Alfredo C. Moa, born July 21st 1947 in Brownsville, TX to Alfredo and Herminia C. Moa, passed away August 10th 2019 at 72 years of age in Dallas, TX.

Chang and Halliday take a comprehensive approach to this biography, chronicling Mao’s life from birth until his passing. Yet they fail to provide much insight as to why this man was so despicable and bloodthirsty.

Net Worth

Moa’s net worth is estimated to be $350 million. This fortune stems largely from her apparel company FUBU, with global sales of $6 billion.

She has also achieved success as a television host, appearing on shows such as Seven Sharp and Inside the Actors’ Studio.

She is an out gay rights advocate and has a lesbian civil union with Australian burlesque dancer Azaria Universe, whom she shares twins with. Additionally, they share joint custody of their children.

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