John Modine

John Modine

John Modine is an actor best known for his roles in movies like Full Metal Jacket and Memphis Belle. Additionally, he has appeared in multiple stage productions.

He recently finished filming scenes for the fourth season of Stranger Things with co-star Millie Bobby Brown. Additionally, he took behind-the-scenes photos on set which you can view below.

Early Life and Education

Modine was born in Loma Linda, California to bookkeeper Dolores Modine and drive-in theater manager Mark Alexander Modine. As the youngest of seven children, he has an academic background as well.

His family moved around a lot, yet the Mormon religion remained an important part of their life. He has described the church as having a “pilgrim mentality, family aspects and sense of community.”

In addition to acting, Modine has also earned a living by writing and directing short films that were screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Most recently, he wrote and stars in his feature directorial debut, If.

He has also starred in several television series and films, such as And the Band Played On and What the Deaf Man Heard. Additionally, he is an environmentalist and promotes bicycle use to reduce air pollution.

Professional Career

John Modine has been an accomplished actor since the 1980s. His credits include numerous films and popular television series.

He has also appeared in several stage productions, such as Arthur Miller’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

He is currently employed as the Chief Growth and Advancement Officer at the American Society of Civil Engineers, having previously served as CEO at CHEMTREC where he developed strategic plans and contributed to increasing their sales volume and profits.

He recently signed on for a role in jOBS, a biopic about Steve Jobs. In it, he will portray John Sculley – an ex-Apple CEO fired by Jobs in 1985 – who will star alongside other well-known actors such as Julia Roberts and Jennifer Garner.

Achievements and Honors

John Modine has made a number of important contributions to his community beyond acting. For instance, he co-sponsored Modine-Benstead Observatory near Racine and generously contributed funds towards Kemper Hall in Kenosha.

He is an enthusiastic supporter of the environment and founded Bicycle for a Day, an initiative to increase public awareness regarding bicycle usage. Additionally, he has promoted biking in New York State where it has become increasingly popular as a form of transportation.

He has been nominated twice for a Golden Globe Award, with his performance in And the Band Played On earning him an Emmy Award special. Additionally, he played Fritz Gerlich in CBS miniseries Hitler: The Rise of Evil. Additionally, he received the Global Citizen Award from International Film Festival San Francisco.

Personal Life

Born to Dolores (Warner) and Mark Alexander Modine in Loma Linda, California, he received American citizenship and is a member of the Mormon religion.

He is a veteran actor and has starred in over 30 films. His credits include Alan Parker, Stanley Kubrick, Jonathan Demme, Abel Ferrara, John Schlesinger, Mike Figgis and Oliver Stone.

He has achieved success as a stage actor, being nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in Arthur Miller’s play “Finishing the Picture”. Additionally, he is an environmentalist who supports bicycle usage to reduce air pollution levels.

Net Worth

Matthew Modine is an acclaimed actor and filmmaker with a net worth of $12 million. His roles in movies such as Full Metal Jacket, Vision Quest and Stranger Things have earned him widespread recognition.

He has also starred in several acclaimed plays, such as Arthur Miller’s “Finishing the Picture” and Harper Lee’s play version of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” This latter performance was highly praised and marked the highest success for Hartford Stage productions in 45 years.

His net worth has been generated from his career as an actor and filmmaker, with estimates of his monthly salary to exceed $2 million. Furthermore, he has made a significant charitable contribution; founding The Actors Foundation to aid actors suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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