John Montes

John Montes

John Montes is an acupuncturist, medical massage therapist, herbalist and shaman healer who provides holistic health services. He works with patients to help them overcome musculoskeletal conditions and mental health problems.

He specializes in treating mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and stress. He uses psychotherapy and talk therapy to treat his patients.

Early Life and Education

John Montes’ early life was difficult. Her father was a short-tempered man who beat her and her siblings with a belt, according to the Washington Post.

Eventually she grew up to become a rebel and joined the ranks of Cuban spies. She started her spy career in the 1980s and spent years compiling and memorizing information that was then fed to her Cuban handlers.

She used a variety of traditional spycraft such as paying phone calls and leaking U.S. military secrets to the Cubans.

She was eventually arrested and sentenced to 25 years in prison. After her release she has been living at Carswell Federal Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. She has not said where she will be going when her sentence is up.

Professional Career

A skilled cellist and orchestral musician, Montes holds a master’s degree in music education and a doctorate in conducting. He is an accomplished conductor, clinician, lecturer and performer who has a passion for stimulating and challenging audiences and musicians.

As a conductor, Montes enjoys collaborating with organizations representing the full spectrum of the arts and is in demand as a clinician and judge. He is in particular enthusiastic about promoting music from all world cultures.

Achievements and Honors

John Montes is an accomplished musician, conductor, educator, clinician, and lecturer. He has appeared with many orchestras and schools at all levels throughout the country.

His passion for challenging and stimulating audiences and musicians enables him to be an effective and respected leader. His unique approach to repertoire selection and rehearsal techniques have earned him recognition from students, musicians, and audiences of all ages.

He is the Director of Orchestral Studies and Coordinator of Strings at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also teaches conducting and string pedagogy courses for music education majors. In addition, he serves as Artistic Director of The Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra (GNOYO) where he directs the Symphony Orchestra.

Personal Life

john montes has a deep bond with his family. His father, a retired US army colonel, and his siblings – all FBI agents – worked together to protect the U.S.

His sister Lucy – 16 months younger than Ana Montes – was an FBI translator on a task force that revealed the Wasp network of Cuban spies to the U.S.

Her family never suspected her and she won accolades for her work professionally. But the news that she’d spent years leaking information to Cuba’s regime was a huge blow for the American government and public.

Net Worth

Montes is an Intelligence Analyst with a net worth of $5 million. She worked for the Cuban Intelligence Agency during the 1980s and is a veteran of numerous high-level missions.

She is known for her dependable, no-nonsense attitude and was one of the most senior Cuban analysts at the DIA. Her co-workers praised her as an efficient and responsible person.

Julia Montes was born to a deaf Filipino mother and a German father. Her father abandoned the family when she was a child, and she was raised by her mother with the help of her grandmother. She is a proud member of the Spanish and Latino community.

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