John Newbern

John Newbern Joins SubroSmart As Assistant General Counsel

SubroSmart announced today that John Newbern has joined the company as Assistant General Counsel. He is a seasoned prosecutor with a background in criminal law.

He is married with a beautiful daughter and is the father of two wonderful children. He enjoys playing golf with his wife and spending time outdoors with the family.

Early Life and Education

John Newbern was born in the city of New Bern, North Carolina. He later earned a degree in English from Wake Forest University, where he met his wife-to-be, Donna.

He also completed a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Florida. After graduating, he served two years as a member of the United States Army before returning to teach high school in Maine and Florida.

He is fond of music and singing, gardening, reading and spending time with his family. He also has five grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys writing poetry and short stories. He is also a keen historian.

Professional Career

Newbern was a highly accomplished cabinet maker. His work exhibited skill and fidelity, and his reputation was solid and well respected.

He also served as the town barber. He was an attractively dressed, cross-eyed man who made a fine impression on his customers.

At sentencing, Newbern argued that he was not a typical career offender. Moreover, he argued that his personal characteristics showed great promise for rehabilitation. He urged that a sentence below the career-offender Guidelines range would be “worthwhile” given his unique background, education and work history.

Achievements and Honors

Among the many trophies John has collected in his distinguished legal career, there is one that stands out. The crown jewel is the prestigious title of partner at his firm, where he has garnered several high profile clients as well as some notable accolades in the courtroom and beyond. Having been in the practice of law for more than 30 years, John has had the privilege of being an important part of many of the firm’s success stories. Taking the time to learn his clients’ goals and objectives has allowed him to deliver the highest caliber of service possible. The list of accomplishments is long and the best part is that the firm’s clients are still enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Personal Life

John Newbern is a successful American actor and voice actor. He starred in a number of films, including Adventures in Babysitting and Double Switch, and was known for his role as Neal Morris, father of Melissa Morris (Emily Osment), in the 2009 Disney Channel movie Dadnapped.

He also portrayed Apollo 14 astronaut Stu Roosa in the HBO mini-series From The Earth to the Moon. He has also appeared in several television series, such as Designing Women, Providence and Chicago Hope.

In his personal life, he is an avid reader. He enjoys listening to music, traveling and spending time with family and friends. He is a gentle, intelligent and upbeat man who cared deeply for others. He remained a faithful servant of God throughout his life.

Net Worth

John Newbern has a net worth of $4 million. He earned his fortune through his successful career as an actor.

He has starred in several movies and television shows, including Poochinski, The Boys Are Back, Bull, Providence and Scandal. He also provided the voice of Superman in DC Comics media.

He is married to actress Marietta DePrima and the couple has three children together. Their family lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their father is a radiologist and their mother is a Spanish teacher.

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