John Paulsrud

John Paulsrud

John Paulsrud was found guilty of deliberate homicide in 2011 and sentenced to 110 years in the Montana State Prison without parole eligibility.

Paulsrud filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus last year, but the Court determined that his claims were procedurally defective and filed too late.

Early Life and Education

John Paulsrud was born in Hadeland, Minnesota on May 2, 1866. In the spring of 1868 he immigrated to America and settled in Dane County, Wisconsin.

He then relocated to Waseca County, Minnesota before spending several years in Renville County, Minnesota. Finally, he settled permanently in St Cloud, Minnesota.

Paulsrud was a loving husband and father to six children, as well as being an active farmer and member of the United Norwegian Lutheran Church. He served his community in many capacities; serving as rural and municipal judge for several years and also being director for National Citizen’s Bank in Canby, Minnesota. Compassionate in nature, Paulsrud championed human rights throughout his lifetime; also possessing excellent writing and editing abilities.

Achievements and Honors

John Paulsrud was one of Bismarck State College’s top students, earning him a spot on the dean’s list and receiving a scholarship to continue his education. Additionally, John was recognized for his excellence in science and technology; as part of a campus-wide research team that earned them Bismarck State College’s Team Award for Excellence.

He received the North Dakota State University President’s Academic Award and Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, as well as being named to the North Dakota University System President’s Honor Roll. Furthermore, he served in student government and campus club activities at NDSU while authoring several scientific papers. Furthermore, he taught courses in crop sciences while remaining married to his high school sweetheart for over 30 years.

Personal Life

John Paulsrud is a retired Navy veteran living in Colton, California with his wife Betty. Together they have two children and numerous grandchildren.

On Thanksgiving Day 2009, Leslie Paulsrud of Fort Benton, Minnesota and him had been hunting near their city. After enjoying a few beers and discussing their future plans, the two parted ways.

At some point, Paulsrud picked up a pistol and accidentally fired it – the bullet going through Leslie’s chest. Tragically, she died from the wound. Despite this tragic event, Paulsrud insists he was innocent of all charges; furthermore, he claims to have been incoherent during his state trial and sentencing proceedings. Additionally, Paulsrud states he suffered from disfigurement as well as having “a mountain” of medical records to back up his assertion.

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