John Pelan

John Pelan

Pelan was an American author, editor and publisher in the small press science fiction, weird fiction and horror fiction genres. He founded several small presses as well as editing anthologies.

He founded and edited Midnight House and Darkside Press, both dedicated to horror fiction in the Arkham House / Weird Tales tradition. Additionally, he edited Weird Fiction Review for several years.

Early Life and Education

John Pelan was raised in a family that nurtured leadership. His father, Melvin Maxwell, read to him and his siblings from self-improvement books such as How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, inspiring them towards personal success.

At his Boston Latin School, John was required to study Latin, Greek, history and arithmetic. It was there that John acquired the skill of writing which would serve him well throughout life.

He was an accomplished author and editor in the science-fiction, weird fiction, and horror fiction genres. In 1986 he founded Axolotl Press; shortly thereafter he co-founded Darkside Press, Silver Salamander Press, and Midnight House in the 1990s.

Professional Career

He was not only a prolific writer, but an accomplished publisher as well. In 1986 he founded Axolotl Press which published works of many of his colleagues and contemporaries. Subsequently, he established two other small presses: Darkside Press and Silver Salamander.

One of his greatest accomplishments was a successful career as a magician, creating hundreds of tricks that are still performed today. Additionally, he was an active member of the International Magic Association for many years and president of its Chicago chapter for several terms. During this period he earned himself the title “Magical Wizard,” a title which would stick with him forever. A proud father of four, he will be fondly remembered by all who knew him.

Achievements and Honors

Pelan was a major figure in the science fiction, weird fiction and horror fiction genres. He founded Axolotl Press in 1986 and published works by authors such as Tim Powers, Charles de Lint and Michael Shea.

He went on to found Darkside Press and Midnight House with his co-founders, bringing classic genre fiction back into print while dedicating themselves to modern horror.

He edited numerous anthologies and collections of single-author works. Additionally, he was an accomplished essayist and reviewer.

Personal Life

John Pelan was an acclaimed author and anthologist, founding both Axolotl Press – a publisher of horror fiction – and Darkside Press, dedicated to reprinting classic stories.

He edited numerous single-author collections and novels, as well as publishing literary essays and reviews.

In 2008, Pelan launched the annual “Reckless with Red” skydiving fundraiser to benefit veterans suffering from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

As a Korean War paratrooper, Pelan understood the value of patriotism and was immensely proud of his service. He was an adoring husband, father and grandfather with a deep-seated affection for New Hyde Park; supporting local schools, churches, sports teams and charities with generous donations.

Net Worth

John Pelan is one of the renowned members of Monty Python, born on July 19, 1957 in Seattle, Washington. As an author and editor, his net worth is estimated to be $5 million; this wealth was accrued through his writing career and other ventures. Currently residing in Ajo, Arizona, John lives with his family.

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