John Rossant

John Rossant – An Urban Thinker

John Rossant is an eminent urban thinker who has dedicated the majority of his career to understanding and solving the problems facing cities today. As founder and chairman of New Cities Foundation, one of the world’s foremost organizations focusing on urban development, John has dedicated himself to this cause.

He is also the executive chairman of Publicis Live, a global events management company that produces the annual World Economic Forum in Davos. As an enthusiastic supporter of cities as agents of change, he champions their role in shaping our future.

Early Life and Education

John Rossant was born and raised in New York City, NY and is a former journalist and magazine editor.

He began his career as a foreign correspondent, covering countries throughout Africa and the Middle East. Later he rose to become Europe Editor of BusinessWeek before relocating to Paris.

At this time, he met Antonella Caruso. At that time, she was a political advisor to Italy’s foreign minister.

Rossant has achieved great success as a development and stem cell biologist, educator, and institutional builder. Her work helped shape debates surrounding cloning, as well as contributing to guidelines for human embryonic stem cell research in Canada. Currently she serves as professor at the University of Toronto and senior scientist in their Development and Stem Cell Biology Program.

Professional Career

John Rossant is the Founder and Chairman of NewCities Foundation, a non-profit organization that strives to enhance quality of life and work in cities worldwide. Additionally, he oversees CoMotion – a Los Angeles-based event and media platform dedicated to exploring mobility’s future.

John was previously Executive Chairman of PublicisLive, a global events management company based in Geneva that produces some of the world’s premier conferences such as the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland and e-G8.

John is an esteemed expert in transportation and urbanism, having spearheaded many transformations on the global urban agenda. He frequently appears on international radio and television programs and has published multiple books. Furthermore, John hosts Transit Unplugged – an award-winning podcast.

Achievements and Honors

John Rossant has collaborated with many influential leaders around the world to envision and plan for their cities’ futures. As founder and chair of NewCities Foundation, a non-profit institution dedicated to improving urban living and work quality in 21st century cities, his efforts have yielded remarkable results.

He has also been actively engaged in the production of numerous prestigious international events, such as the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos and other WEF gatherings around the globe.

He has founded several organizations that work to bring together different stakeholders in order to enhance living and working conditions in global cities. These include NewCities Foundation and PublicisLive, a renowned event management firm producing some of the world’s most prestigious events.

Personal Life

John Rossant is an American executive renowned in the worlds of high-end conferences, technology and innovation. With a career spanning over three decades and numerous notable accomplishments under his belt such as founding both Monaco Media Forum and Abu Dhabi media summit, he also earned himself numerous awards and accolades – including being named one of the World Economic Forum’s world’s most influential leaders in innovation.

John is an acclaimed entrepreneur with an estimated net worth between $1 million and $3 million. His most noteworthy venture to date has been founding of the NewCities Foundation – a major global non-profit that strives to enhance life and work quality in 21st century urban environments through innovative events, research projects and urban innovation initiatives.

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