John Ruggieri

John Ruggieri

Ruggeri Construction has been crafting custom dream homes in Saint Augustine since 1989.

John Ruggieri is a licensed real estate and construction attorney who offers legal counsel to clients throughout the duration of their home project. He assists them in negotiating the most advantageous terms and conditions, as well as comprehending the intricacies of home purchase contracts, construction financing arrangements and dispute resolution processes.

Early Life and Education

Children in their early years experience extraordinary brain development and are primed to acquire essential skills. Additionally, it’s during this period that they build social and emotional wellbeing as well as learning – foundations for future educational achievement and economic prosperity.

UNESCO believes that investing in early childhood care and education is one of the most essential investments a country can make. It promotes holistic development, gender equality and social cohesion.

In 1984, Ruggeri began creating drawings to document the devastating AIDS crisis in New York City. These works, created in bars, bathhouses, hospitals, prisons and public places of the city, poignantly capture the anxiety caused by AIDS’ arrival.

Professional Career

John Ruggieri has achieved great success as both a small company leader and large corporation alike, drawing upon his Wharton MBA to build and sell successful businesses. At SunDance, his financial expertise allows him to manage every aspect of their production facility while keeping them fluid and adaptable for client benefit.

He is passionate about saving the planet one act at a time, which is what inspired him to work towards SunDance achieving green certification. Additionally, he is an active environmentalist with a PhD in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida.

John has been an esteemed faculty member at St. John’s College for decades. As Academic Dean, he recruited numerous full-time faculty members to his team.

Achievements and Honors

John Ruggieri is an award-winning percussionist who has performed with several bands. Additionally, he earned numerous honors including being named a quarterfinalist for the inaugural GRAMMY Music Educator Award.

He has been a member of the Boardman Band for two decades and is its fourth director. With a bachelor’s degree in music education from Youngstown State University and master’s from Marygrove College, his credentials are unbeatable.

In May, Ruggieri was honored for his accomplishments at Muhlenberg College’s annual Honors Convocation. This ceremony recognizes student academic and community accomplishments, faculty research and scholarship contributions and staff contributions to the College.

Personal Life

Ruggeri was an automobile dealer and passionate community activist. He spearheaded Brian’s Run, a charity run benefitting disabled individuals in West Chester area. Additionally, he was involved with Lions Clubs, Sons of Italy and Rotary Clubs of West Chester as well.

He was an enthusiastic sports fan and enjoyed music, the theatre and spending time with family. More importantly, he was a kind and caring individual who always put others first.

He served as faculty at the School of Visual Arts since 1982, teaching in the BFA departments of Illustration, Graphic Design and Advertising as well as Interior Design. A published artist, his work has been shown in New York City galleries.

Net Worth

John Ruggeri has an estimated net worth of $120 thousand. He serves as an independent director at Washington Trust.

Before joining Republic Property Group in 2005, Ruggeri had been a real estate broker. But after some time had passed, he began feeling disenchanted with brokerage and thought the land market had become overpriced.

He decided to pursue development, where he could earn more money and do something meaningful. His friend Jake Wagner suggested he speak with Robert Strauss, president of Republic Property Group.

On the weekend after Strauss promoted Wagner to project manager at Lantana, a fire broke out on its golf course. No one was injured but this incident served as a reminder of the risks inherent in developing real estate.

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