John Sarianides

John Sarianides, Norwood High School Football Coach

John Sarianides has been named the new head football coach at Norwood High School, replacing Joe Curran who was let go after a 3-8 season.

Before joining Norwood, Sarianides spent four seasons as offensive coordinator at King Philip. Additionally, he has college coaching experience. This week on New England Football Journal, Sarianides will discuss all things Patriots training camp and the upcoming NFL season with us.

Early Life and Education

Sarianides was raised in a Greek Orthodox family and was an active member of his church, studying the Bible and English language skills. He read widely, showing an avid interest in literature as well. When not playing music with a big band or working for the US Navy during WWII, Sarianides enjoyed working on projects across America with recognition gaining throughout his career. His name became widely known throughout America thanks to his many accomplishments.

On Wednesday, Norwood High School announced that Sarianides would be their new head football coach, replacing Joe Curran who had been relieved of his duties. Sarianides also hired Brian Martinelli – a former Norwood student and assistant coach – and received $1,000 from the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation in Sarianides’ name.

Achievements and Honors

John Sarianides has achieved great success as a high school coach over the last several years. After serving two seasons as head coach at King Philip, he was recently named New England Patriots high school coach of the week after leading their Warriors to an impressive 27-14 victory against Natick on Saturday. Additionally, John has earned several accolades throughout his career such as induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame and being named their inaugural Assistant Coach of the Year. Furthermore, he has spoken at numerous football events across America.

Personal Life

John Sarianides is a social studies teacher and the new head coach of Norwood High School, replacing Joe Curran on Wednesday. With extensive coaching experience from his time as an assistant coach at King Philip, and as a 1993 Norwood High graduate himself, Sarianides hopes to lead the Warriors back into playoff contention for the first time since 2004.

On Saturday, the New England Patriots named Sarianides their Coach of the Week for his 27-14 victory over Natick High School. As a reward, Norwood High will receive $1,000 from their Charitable Foundation in his honor. In addition to coaching his own football team and working as a scout for WBCN-FM, Sarianides plans on hiring a defensive coordinator soon.

Net Worth

John Sarides is an accomplished makeup artist and storyteller. On YouTube, his unique brand of true crime makeup has gained him a large following.

He enjoys a large following on the platform and has collaborated with numerous renowned brands. Additionally, he holds several ambassadorship deals.

His net worth is estimated to be $6 million as of 2021, primarily derived from his career as a beauty expert, makeup artist, and social media influencer.

Sarian was born in Menifee, California on November 26th 1988 and completed her high school education at Paloma Valley High School there. She has two sisters and her mother Cindy Sarian is a 911 dispatcher.

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