John Scarbrough

John Scarbrough

John Scarbrough was a blacksmith and coachmaker. A member of the Peel monthly meeting of Friends, his place of worship was located at Peel Court near 65 St. John Street in London, England.

He immigrated to America with his father in 1682. Subsequently, he sold his farm in Middletown Township, Bucks County PA and purchased 510 acres in Solebury Township, Bucks County PA.

Early Life and Education

John Scarbrough was raised in a poor family in North Philadelphia. His mother had an addiction, and the neighborhood was filled with crack cocaine.

After being caught selling drugs, Scarbrough was sent to prison. He spent 19 months in various jails and work-release centers before being released and now lives in a halfway house.

He’s making good money at $8 an hour working for a South Philadelphia telemarketing company, but the life he had envisioned doesn’t quite measure up.

He plans to release a series of rap CDs and launch Triumph Over Tragedy, an initiative designed to help kids avoid some of the issues he experienced growing up in his neighborhood. While he has no regrets about his drug use, he strives to do better now.

Professional Career

Scarbrough has had a storied professional life. He has performed as musician, author, French horn player and screenwriter; additionally he served as college professor and book discussion leader.

When not teaching, he enjoys traveling. Having visited over 30 countries, he’s currently working on his second travel memoir.

He is also a musician, having performed with the Kingston Trio at the 1982 World’s Fair. Additionally, he has appeared as a guest on both Grand Old Opry and Dollywood stages.

He is now General Manager of Paul Moak Automotive in Jackson, Mississippi and has earned numerous accolades for his success in business. Additionally, he’s part of Automotive News’ 40 Under 40 program.

Achievements and Honors

Scarbrough was an influential leader in the custom-engineered metal building industry. His expertise ranged from product standards and drafting, to customer service and management – all of which he applied at Ceco Building Systems in Rocky Mount.

He played a pivotal role in the company’s growth from small startup to top manufacturer, inspiring other businesses to compete and succeed in the metal building industry for both their own benefit as well as that of their customers.

He has worked with students to help them achieve success in academics, athletics, extracurricular activities and leadership positions. As a mentor to many young men, he imparted the values of military discipline, strength of character, responsibility, respect and humility.

Personal Life

John Scarbrough has been a member of the United States Marine Corps since 2021 and currently holds the rank of Sergeant Major.

Growing up in North Philadelphia, he struggled to stay afloat by moving from school to school and playing basketball, earning money, and dealing drugs. When he wasn’t studying or making money, his life depended on it – nothing else mattered but keeping his head above water.

But he wasn’t truly contented. Although he wanted to go to college, his lack of confidence kept him from feeling confident. As a result, he got into trouble and disagreed with the coach over playing time.

He now has a prosthetic leg, and he’s embarking on a new life. His goals include releasing several rap CDs, investing in an improved prosthetic leg, and starting a program to help kids avoid some of his problems. With hope, he can become the person he always wanted to be.

Net Worth

John Scarbrough is an American television host, attorney, political commentator and former politician whose net worth is estimated to be $25 million. His wealth has been acquired through multiple sources.

His early career saw him practicing law in Pensacola and winning high-paying court battles. This earned him widespread media coverage, leading to appearances on political analysis shows.

He hosted his own talk show called Scarborough Country before landing the co-host spot on Morning Joe in 2007. Today, the experienced political commentator is second highest paid TV host on MSNBC after Racheal Maddow.

He has four children: Andrew and Joey with his first wife Melanie Hilton; and Katherine Clark with Susan Waren, a former congressional committee staffer and aide to Florida governor Jeb Bush.

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