John Sommi

John Sommi is a UVA Alumnus and Board Member of the Virginia Club of New York

John Sommi is an alumnus of UVA with a deep appreciation for the university. As board member of Virginia Club of New York for three years, he has had the chance to support some amazing programming already underway.

He is a strategic communication major with an emphasis in data & digital education. When not at the club, you can find him reading, watching a game or enjoying a cup of coffee – whatever suits your fancy!

Early Life and Education

Judah Leone *Sommo was born in Mantua and raised as a member of the noble Portaleone family. A renowned dramatist and theater director, he is widely considered one of Europe’s greatest artists of his era.

He created a wide range of works in Hebrew and Italian, such as plays, comedies, pastorales, intermezzos, poems, satires, canzones and dialoghi–many considered essential discussions on Renaissance theater.

He made an immense contribution to European theater, and is considered the first Jewish dramatist. His most renowned work was Zahut Bedihuta de-Kiddushin (The Eloquent Marriage Farce). Additionally, he is known for his Dialoghi in materia di rappresentazioni Sceniche as well as other Italian works.

Professional Career

John Sommi has been in the business for many years, working both in corporate and nonprofit sectors. His most recent role as vice president of business development for Delos, a health and wellness technology company, has given him the chance to exercise both his publishing and business administration skillsets. Furthermore, John has an entrepreneurial spirit and is always on the lookout for his next big idea – if that’s even possible!

He not only has a steady day job, but is an avid amateur golfer and supports the New York City Department of Education’s charter schools. Although there are over 270 charter schools in NYC – making tracking them down somewhat of a challenge – he knows exactly how to navigate it with ease.

Achievements and Honors

As a Virginia Club of New York Board Member, John has dedicated his time and resources to furthering the club’s remarkable programs while building community among members. He believes that the club is more than just an informal social gathering; rather, it provides invaluable opportunities for professional growth and networking among members.

He has contributed to the club’s philanthropic efforts by serving on its board and participating in various committees and events over the years.

His accolades include the Gregory Price Trophy, Instructors Bowl and Matchbox Award; presented to sailor who displays superior skill level, regatta participation and sportsmanship throughout the season.

Personal Life

John Sommi is an award-winning writer and actor who has starred in various television and film roles as well as stage productions.

He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and an active participant in both the UVA Club of Pittsburgh and Virginia Club of New York. Additionally, he volunteers his time for local charity Sigma Nu.

Since childhood, he has been an admirer of John Hughes films. In 2013, he published Searching for John Hughes, which chronicles his relationship with the filmmaker and how it helped him get through personal struggles.

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